Status report

Okay, everyone, get out your scorecards.

First, mark Big Tom at 50th percentile on everything measurable at the doctor’s office yesterday. One year ago this kid wasn’t *on* the growth chart. He was hospitalized for being underweight, for goodness’ sake. Now he’s smack dab in the middle of the chart. In fact, the doc wants to see him in six months to make sure he isn’t going screaming past the chart to the obese side of it. Hardly likely, but I appreciate the optimism.

For eldest son… tonight is the scout den party. End of the year for Bears/next year’s Webelos. Hmm, what will I take to knit?

My daughter decided yesterday that she didn’t need to go to school any more. She came home from school perfectly fine, no complaints, but in the late afternoon she was sobbing and screaming, “I don’t want to go to school any more! I already know my numbers and my letters and my colors. I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!”

That leaves the other half of the Wonder Twins, about whom there is nothing to report except that he wants to go to school and does not want to use the toilet. Love and Logic, Love and Logic…….

As for me? Welll…….

I messed up my impossibly easy knitting (noticed this during the Turkish GP and set it aside in disgust), but I have tinked back, fixed the problem, and knitted past it.

I am two repeats into my first lace project. I was given a PDF for a lace cotton washcloth. I bought two balls of pale blue Plymouth Yarns Shire Silk, and cast it on to size 15 needles. I have a bright red lifeline in it, which I am moving up for each repeat. I didn’t work another repeat last night because I was too busy watching David Tennant.

I also cast on for a bias square to use up my Debbie Bliss Denim Cotton Aran yarn. I have two skeins of it in black and white, and while I was thrilled to buy it when I did (Debbie Bliss! Wow!), I didn’t have any plans for it that worked out. So I’m going to buy it when I find it on sale, knit six-inch squares out of it, and make an afghan someday-eventually.

A couple of days ago I decided to make a scarf out of some leftover acrylic yarn, using a pattern I found in a book. If I can get pictures to load, it might make for a fun guessing game to see if anyone can Name That Pattern.

Haven’t touched Tyrone. Haven’t cast on for the second Panda Cotton sock. Haven’t picked up the Irish Hiking Scarf. Haven’t done anything with the Hufflepuff-colored leftovers from the beret projects — should I make a scarf or a pair of mittens?

Oh yes, and last night I think I became one of the new editors of knitcircus, a new knitting ‘zine that is produced and distributed in Madison, Wisconsin. (Thanks Jaala!) No pay, but it should be a fun and creative enterprise. Right now it’s an all-color, handbound print publication, but the future may hold an online version that everyone can access.

And today I fixed the DVD/VCR combo! Thanks, Tom, for clogging the works with a Ritz mini cracker sandwich. Because we already replaced it with a DVD player, now we can pitch the old VCR which works fine but whose remote control has gone to the Great Beyond.

I never got to the spindling I wanted to do on Mother’s Day, but as soon as I can find my wool leader, I’ll put it in a good place and I’ll be ready next time. Who knows, maybe I’ll start running that llama fiber through the hackle again. Or start washing fleeces.

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  1. I vote for mittens with the leftover Hufflepuff bits. Mittens are fun – kind of like socks, but with none of that fussy heel stuff! (Okay, I love turning a heel, I admit it. But thumb gussets are more fun than heel turns.) (Oh my God that is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said.)

    Knitcircus sounds like fun! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the online version. 🙂

  2. You’ve been busy! I think i am the only mom who has not had food shoved into the vcr, smile!

  3. You GO Big Tom! I daresay getting a ritz sandwhich was easier to get out of the VCR than the entire PBJ that my darling nephew stuffed in his! 🙂

  4. How DO you do it, Bethie? I need a nap after just READING your posts, and my kids are not only potty-trained but UP and OUT! I knitted diligently on a “So-Called Scarf” all the way out here to NY because I love the easy-but-complex-ness of it all. Frogged it back to the beginning twice, made a mistake about 6″ in the third time…and dare I admit it? I bound it off and threw it away. (It was leftover yarn and not so much of it, but that’s NOT my usual!) You’re an inspiration………

  5. I’m with Jules – Mittens with the leftover Hufflepuffs sounds great. wonderful news about Tom. Hope the Scout party was fun – we missed our Kea (6-7yo scouts) party at the end of last term. Crossed wires and everyone in our part of the world thought it was cancelled due to atrocious weather – but it wasn’t. Big oops.
    All I’m knitting is hot water bottle covers – easy and useful – what can go wrong? *g*

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