Big Tom

When I turned two I was really anxious, because I’d doubled my age in a year. I thought, if this keeps up, by the time I’m six I’ll be ninety.
— Steven Wright

Happy Birthday #2 to my little man — my friend Jen calls him Big Tom since he’s been underweight and behind the eight ball for so long. But he is catching up fast. He is such a sweetie and a ham.

Of course, the State of Wisconsin thinks he turned two yesterday. Silly trusting me didn’t bother to double check his birth certificate until after his first birthday, so apparently I need to do some legal filings to get it corrected to his real birth date. I was going to get this done in time to be a birthday present — but I didn’t.

My oldest son has wrong information on his birth certificate, too, oddly enough. Right after he was born, someone said brightly, “Look! Right at nine o’clock!” Everyone in the room turned to look at the clock, which was one of those enormous schoolroom types that you can see from the other end of the hallway. It read 8:50. Sure enough, when the birth certificate came, it said 9:00. That genius was the person responsible for reporting accurate information to the state. Sigh.


Thanks so much to everyone who entered the comment contest. I met a bunch of new (to me) knitters and read a bunch of new (to me) blogs, got a lace washcloth pattern to work on, discovered that there’s a whole blog dedicated to tracking knitting blog contests, and found out a lot more than 10 people read my blog. (Who knew! Well, now I do.)

Congrats to Molly Bee for winning! She has yet to pick her prize package.

I guess now I need to knit, and write about it, and post some !@#$% pictures every once in a while.

And everyone has been so kind not to bring this up, but I haven’t been mentioning much chocolate in the blog lately. I certainly haven’t stopped eating it.

That may change. There’s a local (within walking distance) pizza place that would like to offer desserts, and when I stopped in to tell the owner I was thinking of going to baking school, and would he be interested in my homework, he about flipped. I just bought a new pizzelle maker and will be making some samples for him soon. If that works out, I may be baking at his shop one or two nights a week. So I will have dessert pix to share! If WordPress lets me share them.

I’ve also got the WIS&W afterparty to bake for, and I gave myself a pretty ambitious menu to learn. But I’m one of those people who needs deadlines. Desperately. So blast it, it’s time to get started.

But knitwise… I decided to cast on for the bias square for the Doctor Who afghan. The plan is to collect enough squares for two afghans — the U.S. one auctioned to benefit Doctors Without Borders, and the U.K. one auctioned to benefit a hospice that helped care for David Tennant’s mother when she recently died of cancer. They are easy peasy 4 inch garter stitch bias squares, not even mitered squares (I guess that’s next), made from sock yarn. My first one is more than half done, and my plan is to just keep making them until I run out of leftover sock yarn. NOTE: I am NOT coordinating this effort. It originated in the Who Knits? Ravelry group (come and join us!), and I am just making tiny little squares.

I may start doing this with larger amounts of oddball yarn, too, and just tucking them away until I have enough for an afghan for myself. Maybe I’d better put an explanatory note in with them in case I get hit by a bus and somebody finds this bag of squares and thinks WTF.

Next on the list is starting the second Panda Cotton sock, so I can work two heel flaps right in a row and have a cigarette. I’m figuring it will be Just. That. Exciting. (I’m kidding, folks. I have never smoked anything I was offered.)

Knitwise the other projects are the Red Heart tube scarf, the MCY IHS, and Tyrone (sigh). I will probably knit that lace washcloth before I start any of them! That’s just the kind of knitter I am. I have to have a plan so I can thwart it. 🙂

ETA (edited to add): The Yarn Harlot has just shamed me into putting Tyrone at the top of the list. If anyone can encourage me through the weird first few raglan rows of sleeves-meet-body, please comment with said encouragement. I haven’t touched the sweater since last October, and it’s quite likely I don’t know what I was doing, or what to do next.


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  1. Hurray for thwarting your own plans! I do it all the time. It’s fun. 🙂

    The Doctor Who afghans sound terrific – and what a lovely plan to auction them off.

    And most important, Happy Birthday to Big Tom!

  2. Well, I TOTALLY missed your contest, but congratulations on getting Tom to the Big Two! Woo hoo!

  3. Happy Birthday, Tommy Boy! Love from Arizona (where it is already hot as hell but I’m too cheap to turn on the AC yet).

    And BTW, I finished Tyrone in time for LAST Halloween, remember? We started at THE SAME TIME so our boys could bond or some such nonsense. Get on with it (sorry, no raglan suggestions but I am almost there with HH’s Favorite Sweater Sweater so I’ll keep you posted if I can stand to hold the damned thing on my lap). I need to knit socks for summer.

  4. My Stars and Little Fishes!! You absolutely put me to shame….you’re doing all that AND you’re up to your knees in children? I accomplish next to nothing, and I’m only up to my ankles in cats. Oh..uhm…did I hear “pizzelle maker”??? Clever as YOU are, dolt as *I* am, I can’t imagine what I could do/make/write to barter, but…..did you know I breakfast on (store-bought) pizzelles daily? Had I mentioned that I *enjoy* (store-bought) pizzelles with my cuppa tay? I’m having one RIGHT NOW! (Anise)
    You know, just mentioning — any time you think you might need some Genuine Jewish Bubbeh’s Home-Made Chicken Soup, you know who to call…

  5. Did you do home deliveries? Because it depends what was going on during the delivery how they decide the time of delivery…but I cannot imagine getting the DATE wrong!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one! And I’m totally jealous of baking school/making desserts for the pizza place.

  7. well, I hope you shamed the Harlot right back with questions of Joe’s gansey.

    speaking of which, what is this Tyrone you speak of? it’s not in your projects or your queue.

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