Contest time!

Hi folks….sorry for the lack of posts. The Internet connection is continuing to be crap, but now that we have DH has rearranged the living room, it seems to be better. (I know, WTF. It’s like the “magic” sticker on the big VAX servers in the Olden Days. Don’t touch it and everything will be fine.) Not knowing when I’d get dumped has kind of tarnished the relationship, yaknowwhatImean?

But anyway…..I just looked at my blog stats and saw the Comments total is at 987. You all know what that means, a goodie bag for the 1,000th comment! (Nothing for you, Mister Spam. Move along.)

I don’t know for sure what the prize will be. Odds are high that it could be a styrofoam head on which you could pose your latest knitted hat. Or, you could pick What’s Behind Door Number Two: a classic Chocolate Sheep care package from good ol’ Wisconsin. This will probably involve both yarn and chocolate. I’m planning an intimate party for 200 during WI Sheep & Wool Festival this year, so maybe I can test some recipes on you. If that sounds good, comment away!

Back to the knitting. The brioche scarf got totally frogged and converted to a tube scarf so I can have something for my hands to do when my brain is otherwise occupied. So that’s grinding along. In fact, I think that’s how I’m going to use up all my acrylic: cast on for tube scarves on 16-inch circs. Merry Christmas!

I’m a few inches (6!) into the first of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton socks. The pooling is fabulous, like a fractal swirl around the sock. I think one more inch and it’s time to knit me a heel flap. And now that the Yarn Harlot herself has annotated Page 144 of Knitting Rules for me, I’ll never forget how to slip those stitches again. (Hint: the needles are tip to tip.) But before I get to that point, I’m going to take someone’s advice and cast on for the second sock and work it up to the heel flap, too. Then I get to do two heel flaps in a row, squee! (That may also mean I have to buy another set of size 2 dpn’s, oh darn.)

I did one repeat on the IHS-with-cursed-yarn and set it aside again. Just not in the mood, I guess. There are still at least three skeins to be wound up, so it’s miles to go before I sleep, it’s for me, there’s no deadline, yadda yadda yadda.

The Packer Hat was mailed out, and I never heard from the guy again. I don’t know if he even received it. I think I’ll just assume he’s on vacation in Door County or something. Hey Brian, give me a shout out when you get back.

I haven’t been brave enough to pick up the Tyrone sweater yet — what is my problem? But in other Backyardigans news, my BY blog Backyardiknits just got a comment from a Spanish language Backyardigans fan blog. I just finished adding them to the blogroll over there. See how trusting I am that my connection will be stable long enough to do such things?

OK, I’m not brave enough to try to add a picture. I’m sure there’s something I want to say that I don’t want to lose in the inevitable failure to connect.

Top Chef related: I totally called out Nikki on this one, though I would have been thrilled to see Dale go home after this episode. Whenever someone’s this poisonous and they get the feedback and they get to go on to the next round, it certainly doesn’t discourage them or their tactics. And bravo Stephanie! And Richard for giving Stephanie his prize sight unseen. She deserved it.

What else is going on? Mr. Chocolatesheep has a state of the art iMac in the other room so he can make other magazines at home in his spare time, when he isn’t at work making magazines. It is freaking awesome. It is so freaking awesome I knew he wouldn’t mind if I snuck away and did a blog post. Mind? I don’t think he noticed.

Next thing to cast on? Maybe that can be what I judge comments on. What should be next on my needles. Socks for myself? My Dale sweater I actually bought the pattern and the yarn for? A knitted thing for my Birthday Buddy Swap on Ravelry? Or a mitered square for a Doctor Who afghan?

I’ll be in touch with you, number 1000.


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  1. The Dale sweater, by all means! Get it finished before high summer, and you’ll have a yummy new sweater all ready to wear when the fall cools down!

    And I’m being brave to start the scramble to be the 1,000th post – which means I probably won’t get it. Sigh…

  2. Someone’s got to get you to 1000!

    I can tell you that it shouldn’t be the Dale sweater (Lynne’s an optimist; kids and end-of-school time and a whole sweater before high summer? Not!), and though you could cast on socks for yourself, and they would be fun if you have some nice yarn for them; they’ll probably not get done real fast if they’re for you (if you’re like me). Now that it’s finally spring, it will soon be summer; you need something portable. And the buddy swap sounds like a commitment you may need to think about soon…..

  3. Dale sounds wonderful!

  4. You know I’m voting for Doctor Who. I vote for Doctor Who at every opportunity. 🙂

  5. Although the mitered square blankets sounds very enticing, I vote for the birthday buddy knitted thing. 😀

    There SO has to be a blogger meet-up at WI S&W this year.

  6. i wonder if that imac would fit in my knitting bag…..


    I really should get to work on that backyardigans Austin sweater…though the boy has lost all interest in them. I think he’s been put off that “he” wasn’t in so many of the episodes.

  7. Happy 1000th comment! 🙂

  8. CPY Panda Cotton is nice to work with. Look forward to see your progress

  9. I’m for Dr. Who as well! And I’d sure like to see it!

  10. Your blog came up on a google alert for me about door county, I usually just skim through to see who’s mentioned…. blah blah blah. Only i did enjoy reading yours, i am so used to reading cooking blogs, that this was a nice change.(I didn’t understand most of it) Knitting is a foreign language:) I will be sure to stop back in!

  11. I donated all my considerable (and old) stash of acrylic yarn to a woman who likes to crochet but doesn’t like to spend any money. She’ll use what she likes for blankets and afghans she’ll donate to appropriate causes. As long as she doesn’t have to mail them. She won’t spend the money on postage. But at least some of her local charities will benefit from her considerable skills.

    The yarn she doesn’t like she’ll donate to the local senior center for their projects. I now have more room for my natural fiber stash, craft person has materials, and people will benefit. BTW this person is my mother-in-law.

  12. WAIL! Tell me you did NOT FROG that beautiful scarf!!!!!
    I am making ‘cat mats’ with my acrylic. Basically big wash clothes to take to the animal shelters for kitty cages. Hope they like lots of purples and blues!!!

    Ta-Daaaah! We have a winner!! — chocolatesheep

  13. Cool! How did you get the quilt blocks in your comments? (This does not count at 1000 because I didn’t notice until I hit enter on my last comment!)

  14. Congrats on the 1000 comments! As a relatively new blogger I’m encouraged by the numbers of posts and comments and WIPs and FOs on other blogs.

  15. I think with the warm weather coming up, you should cast on socks for you. Congrats on 1000 comments!

  16. i also like the idea of the birthday buddy! Congrats on the post goal! love the name of your blog!! Off to stalk you a bit and get to know ya!

  17. 1000 comments; that’s awesome!

    One can never have too many size 2 dpns. Because there are a lot of sox waiting to be knit. Simultaneously!

    And as far as your next project? Something small and quickly finishable, so you can feel like a raving success right away. Have fun!

  18. I have wanted to knit the forget me not socks in panda cotton and I think you should knit mitered square for a Doctor Who afghan next:)Hugs and congrats on 1000.Darcy

  19. Congrats on all of your comments! How exciting! Good luck getting another 1000!

  20. Congrats on so many comments! This is a perfect time to cast on for a sweater. It’ll be done by fall.

  21. Ooh, contests! I especially love easy ones like this!

    I vote for an afghan square along with the sweater. I like having a small project going along with a big project. I need to feel like I’m making progress.

  22. I vote for the birthday thing.

  23. Happy 1000 comments!

  24. 1000 comments! how cool!

  25. I think you should work on your Birthday Buddy Swap. Happy 1000 comments! LOVE WI-hope to visit this summer.

  26. Happy 1000 comments!

  27. Happy 1000 comments. Also, Doctor Who is the answer to everything. Particularly if it’s 9. Rrowr.

  28. Birthday Buddy swap should be next… or maybe socks for yourself!! happy 1000 comments!! Congrats!

  29. I hope it’s not too late to enter. I love chocolate and yarn!

  30. leaving a comment i really like your blog is it up to 1000 comments yet>???

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