Welcome to the foot.

The Harlot was right, I love the foot. Last night and this morning I did the gusset work on the S&P sock, and now I’m officially on the foot. Round and round and round we go, stopping only to make a toe. And once I figure out what shirt I’m wearing, my “wardrobe” for Monday night will be complete.

Then I just have to pack (!!) and decide what knitting project I will be doing while I wait.

Meanwhile, I’ve been receiving cell-phone pictures of Sip & Knit from DH, who had some spare time at the end of his latest business trip. After calling me to ask which bamboo needle I broke, and whether I needed any size 7 dpns, he later called back to describe the yarn he bought.

Sock yarn.

Skeins won’t necessarily match even though they’re the same colorway.

Hand dyed by six Japanese guys.

Noro sock yarn, folks. For socks for HIM. Why don’t I let him do the yarn shopping? Last time I really let go, I bought enough Cascade 220 to make a sweater. He’s the one with the color sense and the guts.

And here’s a bonus for those of you in Central Ohio: yesterday we got a shipment from Cheryl & Company. (Insert angelic chorus here.) Apparently someone (the author, actually) liked an article DH ran in his motorcycle club magazine. Three boxes of who-knows-what from Cheryl’s, which I immediately put in the fridge. I’ll take pictures after Mr. Beth gets home. After all, they’re really his cookies. (Unless there are some buckeyes in there β€” dibs!)

If you have had cookies from Cheryl’s, leave a comment and I’ll e-mail you your own personal picture of what’s in the boxes. Yum!

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  1. Mmm, Cheryl’s…my son got a chocolate chip cookie-cake from Cheryl’s for his last birthday!

    I didn’t even know Noro made sock yarn. My LYS is holdin’ out on me! Must go in and make demands. πŸ™‚

  2. Have fun on your journey; I’m jealous!

    Alternatively, I’m thankfully not jealous of the cookies as I’m being very strict with myself diet-wise. When I’m svelte, I’ll check out the website.

  3. “Hand-dyed by six Japanese guys” The specificity cracks me up!

  4. Now, by “buckeyes” do you mean those chocolate-and-peanut-butter yummies as shared with me by my Columbus BFF? I got as far as “cookies” and nearly went into apoplexy – I don’t care much for cookies *ordinarily*, but it’s Passover and I can’t have any reg’lar cookies. So of course I want one. Hundred. Thousand. (After sundown tomorrow night, I won’t.) I think that’s called “vagaries”…..

  5. So, are you going to see the Harlot this evening? Have an extra fun time for me. I’ve seen her before and the cash flow here just doesn’t merit the gas to Madison. (regardless how much I love and revere Ms. Harlot) Sigh. She’s hilarious and witty. You’ll surely have a blast. Safe travels!

  6. Beth!! You’re in the Yarn Harlot’s First Sock Brigade! You’re wearing the socks! SO awesome. Hope you’ll have time to tell us all about it soon! πŸ™‚

  7. YES! I’m a diabetic and couldn’t ever eat the desserts at a particular business partnership. When we finished the work on the grant they sent me a beautiful tin full of INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED SUGAR-FREE YUMMINESS!!! I made them last a full 12 days – OMG! What a treat!!

  8. oh yes, the foot! Working towards the toe;the fastest part! I hope to finish my sock later this evening πŸ™‚

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