We’re going to need capes

Happy Earth Day!

Here’s the setup: Yesterday my kids found a globe in the basement. It was a Christmas present about two years ago, and kept away from the kids until we found a way to set it up so it wouldn’t be broken. But yesterday they found it, and I agreed to let them bring it upstairs. We spent a few minutes finding where Mulan lives, where Mowgli lives, and where Lilo lives, then I let them look at it on their own. Here’s what I overheard:

Colleen (5 years old): “Tomorrow is Earth Day.”
Jack (4 years old): “Earth Day?”
C: “Yeah, you have to think of ways to take care of our planet.”
J: “Could we be supers and clean up the whole world?
C: “That’s a great idea!”
J: “We’re going to need capes.”

So, congrats to all of you who donned your capes and saved the world today. We’re honoring the earth by turning off lights and televisions that we’re not using.

Oh, and their whole conversation made me think of the things that Sean says over at Antique Mommy. It’s in my blogroll; check it out. It’s one of the parenting-related blogs that snuck in under the knitting radar.

Knitwise, I finished the Packer Hat on Saturday morning. I need to take pictures today so I can send it off in time for the NFL Draft. Will I make another one? Sure, make those checks for $200 out to….

I should call the pattern “learning curve.” If I ever write it up.

Bonus to this project being ended: DH picked up a display head for me. Unfortunately he couldn’t buy a single head; they only came by the dozen. If you’re looking for a display/blocking head for hats, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

And in other knitting news, last night I turned the heel on the Salt & Pepper socks! So it’s time to pick up those stitches, work the gusset, knit the foot, decrease for the toe, and Kitchener it all up. Easy as pie, and maybe even possible that I can wear them to the Harlot’s Madison event on next Monday Monday Monday!!!

(whew. breathe into paper bag.)

Now, I’m going to try to remember to put tags on this post before I publish it. WordPress moved everything around and now I have to scroll down to see the tags list.

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  1. Enjoyed your blog.

  2. I hope you’ll be knitting some capes for your little superheroes. 🙂 Too cute!

    You’re going to see the Yarn Harlot – I’m so jealous! She’s not coming my way on this tour. Maybe for the next book…

  3. “We’re going to need capes.”

    Love it!

    Have fun at the Harlot! I missed most of her talk in the Twin Cities (drove there instead of Madison for logistical reasons) due to weather issues that day (heavy rain, turning to snow in St. Paul). (But I did spend the next week with her at Sock Camp….)

    I’d be willing to take a head off your hands. (Wait, that sounded weird.) Email me!

  4. Heads, I got. Legs, on the other hand… I mean the other foot… if you got a source for a couple dozenna those, I could be very very interested.

  5. Scrolling through the last the comments.

    Harlots, head and legs!


  6. I *might* be interested in a head, what’re they like? I also agree with your child – if we but had capes, can you imagine what we could accomplish???And it’s time to figure out how we can distinguish ourselves at the Harlot, so we can be identified as Hog-and-Bloggers and Sow’s Earficianados and the whole bit. The Count-Down has begun (ooooooooooooh)

  7. Love the kid comments on Earth Day. You KNOW if I’d seen it earlier, I’d have worn a cape to work yeterday! Congrats on finishing the Packer Hat. I got a glimpse of it on Friday night. It rocks!Take notes at the Harlot show! I’m gonna want details!

  8. *squeals!*

    a model head? awesome…
    what do they run for? and how much to ship one to me?


  9. PS PS PS –
    welcome to sockland!
    are you SURE that you’re not up for the 52PP II?
    we’ve got plenty of roooooooooom…


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