Bwahaha, the fiber acquisition program has begun. Some would say it began a while ago, starting with “practice fiber” from Chief Enabler Lauren, and was augmented with raw llama fiber from a local farm last fall… and they would be right. But now I am starting to put them into Proper Storage, so it’s official.

I have a white Romney fleece, raw and somewhat skirted, from a sheep named Betty. And I have a black/brown Romney fleece, raw and not skirted, from “Pebbles.” I am almost completely ignorant of the processes I’ll have to follow, but I’m guessing my first step is making a skirting table so I can get rid of all the VM by hand. Then, figuring out what parts is what, separating them, and starting the cleaning and carding process. Hoo baby.

(If you know more about this than I do, which is quite likely, feel free to chime in.)

Knitting projects: all the same as last time, except I am into the plain knitting for the Salt & Pepper sock. I don’t remember what size needles I used for Sock One, and whether I changed them after the cuff ribbing, but it’s starting to look like I did. As in, the first sock’s cuff pulls in and the second one’s doesn’t. But I am perfectly willing to leave it be and treat it as a Learning Experience. (Those of you who have known me for a Very Long Time will realize this is small potatoes compared to some Previous Learning Experiences.) After all, these socks are for me myself, and only I should notice it.

Doctor Who update: looking forward to re-viewing “Army of Ghosts” and completely viewing “Doomsday” tonight. DH seems all for it as long as we can watch “Hot Rod” next. What can I say, he’s been on a lot of planes lately.

It’s stopped raining here long enough for the wind to blow everyone’s trash bins into the next county (for two days). Rain is forecast for five days out of the next seven, though, which might lead to more road closures around here. The Rock River in Jefferson is up almost to the tops of the pilings of the railroad bridge — can’t imagine that’s good for it. Any engineers out there want to calculate the stress-loading of that when a freight train rolls across the top of a bridge just poking through a fast, flooded river? Need pictures to work from?

Knit Night tomorrow, time for making elaborate Harlot-meetup plans with Dale-Harriet. Oh, and yeah, there’s a little Mountain Colors trunk show and sale going on. Someone please save me something, anything!

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  1. I have to admit – it’s pretty cool that you know the names of the sheep your fleece came from! 🙂

  2. Weirdly enough, our lives find themselves juxtapositioning once again…
    – You are watching Doctor Who
    – My 2nd graders, who are currently studying radio theatre and are in the process of rehearsals for a short radio drama (about a space hero and his girl sidekick who meet up with an alien, etc.), picked the Doctor Who theme for the theme music for their play (out of a selection of about 20 pieces)about 3 weeks ago

    okay, maybe a stretch… but really, how often do you hear about Doctor Who any more?


  3. Methinks you need a couple of little chocolate-colored sheep to keep you in fresh supply of yummy fiber — and I know just where you can get some! Hee!

  4. RE: washing fleece-

    You may remember that there was a quite detailed description of fleece washing on the YH blog (August 28, 2007 see http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2007_08.html)-

    What you might not remember is that she linked an interesting-looking method for washing whole fleeces:

    Caveat, I have not ever washed any fleece, I am simply adept with Google. I do not spin. I am resisting the lure of the spinning. La-la-la. *sticks fingers in ears to block out siren song, humming loudly*

  5. Are you watching the new Dr. Who on PBS? It’s on (at least here in Mtwc) 9:30 ish on Sat evenings. I LOVE the Dr.! All our friends think my husband and I are crazy for watching it. ha ha ha They just don’t know fun TV.

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