First of all, thanks to everyone who was keeping my family in mind over the last few days. I didn’t want to spread any icky personal details all over the Internet, but let me reassure you, we’re not worried about Tom. He is running full tilt into things and using more words every day, including (finally!) DADDY. The actual Person Of Interest has more doctor appointments and future tests scheduled and a leisurely pace. I think the thing that was freaking me out was how quickly the docs wanted to do things last week. (It’s never good when the doctors want things done immediately, is it? But we’re not on the “immediate” schedule for now.)

So. I replaced the size 7s with the only needles I could — Susan Bates aluminum circs. Get this, my nearest JoAnn’s does NOT carry aluminum single points. They’re all Clover-brand bamboo. Then there’s a mix of plastic and bamboo and aluminum circs, then aluminum crochet hooks. Well, at least they were 40 percent off. I have the Brioche scarf on them now but haven’t made one new stitch on them.

The jury’s out on how rough I was on the old needles. Well, clearly I did something wrong in expecting an infinite number of k2togs out of them. 😦 But seriously, it’s not like I was knitting bobbles. And now I’m left with a beautiful solo needle that could be a shawl pin for an elephantine-sized shawl. But probably I should have been using larger needles anyway, to make it more drapey.

Here’s the current project list:

Packer Hat. Gotta do it.
Salt & Pepper sock #2.
Still in the !@#$% ribbing. After I get past that, it will fly.
Cotton demin aran socks.
I snuck this one in on you, didn’t I? Unfortunately I’m beginning to think it’s a mistake and I should frog it. I’ll take a poll at the Harlot event on the 28th, or Knit Night this Friday.
Blanket for Colleen.
Another one under the radar….then I got splinters in my needle tips. Must fix before proceeding.
Brioche scarf.
Awaiting mojo.
Irish Hiking Scarf with MCY yarn.
On hold, awaiting mojo.
Zigzag scarf. This is what I picked for my mindless knitting, and it worked! I memorized the pattern quickly, and Colleen has already claimed it for her own. The yarn is 90 cents’ worth of mystery acrylic from the thrift store, in a black/purple/evergreen colorway — I suspect it’s Patons.

I’m also set to acquire two raw Romney fleeces tomorrow — one white and one dare-I-say chocolate brown, from a very local breeder. She raises Romneys and sport horses, and is awaiting at least 4 lambs and one foal right now. How lucky! She will come by with the fleeces tomorrow night. I tried to time the transaction so she was here when my husband wasn’t, but oh well! it’s time for some honesty here about all this fiber. (I think he would be willing to overlook some more fiber if only I would start on his bamboo socks.)

Maybe it’s also time to start spinning some of it up. Maybe I can get some mojo from Molly Bee. Go check out her spinning results now. Yes, right now. Then come back. I’ll wait.

(taps toe)

I **KNOW**!!! Isn’t it stunning? I hope Lauren is getting some of that spinning mojo as well. (Why are so many of my knitting friends sitting around with their legs in casts? I’m afraid, very afraid….)

So…the hubby’s away tonight…what say you for a triple date with David Tennant to finish off his first season of Doctor Who? While I also fill out five sets (I think) of school paperwork and finish the Packer Hat, of course.

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  1. Well, I’m glad to hear you are no longer on the immediate list but I want details, woman. Email me, overshare, lust after David Tennant (I can’t believe he was Barty Crouch, too, so different, actor, duh). I still have no mojo but will be released (knock on wood) from das boot, Frankenboot, boot of horror tomorrow. Maybe that will do the trick.

    BTW, I’m jealous of the romney fleeces but it’s not like I don’t have enough of my own around here! Spin, spin like the wind.

  2. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only Fiber-Sneakin’ Wife. If my DH knew how much yarn and fiber I have stashed in hidden places – in addition to my own fleeces that he CAN see – he would have an absolute cow, or maybe a dinosaur!

    Thanks for the link and command to view Molly Bee’s blog. I enjoyed it so much I added to my blog roll!

  3. I spent the evening on the same triple date (does that make it quadruple? octuple? I’m not so hot at the math of concurrent virtual dating). So – were we weeping too hard, or did we manage to peek between the tears and notice the very nice dark red fingerless mitts Rose was wearing in the last scene?

    Lurves me some pause button. Those are worth copying.

  4. Hey there! I’m glad things are going better at your house. I couldn’t leave a message on that particular blog entry for whatever reason. Kept getting a weird message! I’m so jealous that you are getting whole fleeces! I learned a lot about that stuff from Hazel last weekend. I never knew that it mattered what part of the sheep it was from or how old the sheep was….A friend and I are getting a couple of angora goat fleeces soon and I so totally don’t know how to process them. It’ll be fun to learn!
    Back Off! David Tennant is MINE ALL MINE!!!:-)

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