Frick and frack!


It’s raining, so I decided not to make the dry run to Borders.

I finished a giftknit last night, and tried casting on with the second skein of yarn I now didn’t need. I tried a stitch and totally failed to execute it, and ended up frogging. This morning I decided to try Brioche Stitch. I’m about ten rows in and the pattern is beginning to take shape…and my needle SNAPPED during a k2tog.

Guess what size? Yes, it was a 7. On top of that, it was one of the pair of Very Nice Needles I got from The Black Purl in Wausau, which used to be 30 minutes away but is now about a 3+ hour drive. The only other pair of 7s I have is too short for this project, and it’s bamboo. I don’t want to kill any more trees to learn this stitch.

I have aluminum 6s. I have aluminum 8s. And if I want to use either of them for this “mindless knitting” project I will have to frog and start over.

At least I have one wooden needle with a very sharp jagged end should I need to STAB somebody.

Any nominations for Mindless Knitting projects I can do while I’m waiting on someone else’s medical test results? (You can pray while you think up patterns. Please. Do.)

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  1. I wish I could beam you a size seven needle, my friend. I have two pairs. I know, lot of good that does you, ninny ninny boo boo.

    Test results? Share please.

  2. at least you’re well prepared for a zombie attack.

    mindless knitting: socks, scarfs, dishcloths, felted bags (like this one –> ).

  3. Dishcloths are my favorite mindless knitting project! I had a real attack of mindlessness late in January, as I recall. It resulted in seven dishcloths. 🙂

    I hope those medical tests come back clean and healthy!

  4. How about an Eye of Patridge Shawl. I found it by following a link from somewhere (sorry I don’t remember where). I plan to start one once as I can locate a skein from a scarf pattern that just wasn’t meant to be. I must of been so annoyed with it that I put it into timeout and now can’t find it.

  5. Is Tom still having trouble? Hope you can share something soon.

    I’m knitting the Sonnet from but doing it all in garter stitch (no box stitch) because the yarn is so busy. Definitely a mindless knit, and in the end you have a nice cardigan!

  6. As *I* write, it’s pretending to snow, but believe me, it’s all for show, like a final tantrum from an adolescent season. I’m making plans for things to do “when it’s nice out” (think of it as homeopathy). Can your OTHER size 7 needle play with my black walnut size 9 orphan? We’ll have another chance for a dry run, I’m sure – and do you have the ball-band dishcloth pattern from Mason-Dixon? ‘Cause I do, if you don’t, and it’s very nice, JUST this side of mindless (well – for you it would be; I need to pay attention) and they make up very nice dishcloths. (The sweet scent of *my* prayers is wafting, friend……..)

  7. Must be a tough stitch to break #7’s. The only way I’ve ever broken them is by sitting on them!

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