The Tsarina Effect

If this is your first visit to my blog, you’re probably here due to some of the fallout from the “Vintage Socks Pattern” thread on Ravelry. (If you’re not on Ravelry, today is one of those days when you can count your blessings. My word!)

I’m here to say that just as there’s a “Harlot Effect” that happens to small businesses after Stephanie Pearl-McPhee uses and praises your knitly product, here at Chez Chocolatesheep there’s a “Tsarina Effect” as well. As in, if I’m looking at my Blog Stats page and there’s a sudden spike in readership, all I have to do is look down to Incoming Links and find that Lisa linked to me at her blog.

So hi!!

I don’t have pictures yet, but I have TWO more FOs to report since last time.

I did indeed finish the Kelp Forest scarf during Late Night Knitting at The Sow’s Ear. I wove in the ends (thank you, Dale-Harriet, for the loan of your needles), Heather rang the bell, all that jazz. Then all the mojo went the heck out of the place. Lovely Mary moped. I moped. Dale-Harriet worked on a tocque or something (go figure) but our spirit had vanished. They still had to kick us out at 11pm of course, but still.

And on Saturday I had a brainstorm about a WIP: It was a square blanket, halfway done, but I was going to meet the recipient on Sunday. Why not make it a triangle instead? That way I could finish it and present it. I tinked back one row of decreases (it was knitted from a bias washcloth pattern) and finished it in the car on Sunday. Wove in the ends in the parking lot. And since I was so freakin’ brilliant, I didn’t bring my digital camera. I think I have **no** pictures of this particular project. But I took it to her, she praised it in every dimension, arranged it on her lap, and praised it again. 

Project done. Project gone. Immediate feedback. No proof it ever happened. 😦

And now what? Finishing socks, finishing that blasted Tyrone sweater (eventually), finishing a giftknit, and getting the rest of the brim done for the Packer Hat. (If you’re reading this, buddy, I hope to have it to you in time to wear while watching the NFL draft.)

And a general announcement: I’m making a dry run to Borders-East in Madison Thursday morning, to make sure I can get there and back in time the day of the Harlot’s appearance, so if anyone wants to have a mini meetup there at 10am Thursday just drop me a line. Lauren, I’ll completely understand if you can’t make it.

Scouts tonight, more knitting updates tomorrow! Peace-out!

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  1. Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? I was a GS troop leader in Sullivan for 6-7 years. shall we queue the Twilight Zone music again?

    I’d love to meet you at Borders, but um, then I’d miss seeing the Yarn Harlot here. 😉 I guess we’ll just have to wait ’til Irish Fest…

  2. Yowza, I can haz teh Fect! Whoo knoo?

    Curiously enough, I haven’t mentioned you in my blog in the last couple of days, because yesterday I DIDN’T blog, because… I wonder why. 😉 So if my Effect has Affected you it must have been a Raveled Tsarina Effect from a linky on That Thread. It’s an ill wind, ain’t it!

    BTW I betcha my stats are up today because of the ChocolateSheep Effect. The stream flows both ways, you know.

  3. Cool! You got a bell ring! Sorry I missed it! I’ll bet the scarf is gorgeous!

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