That’s how many repeats I have done on the Kelp Forest scarf, which will be part of a silent auction next weekend.

That’s right…next weekend. And since it turned out to be a bake sale and silent auction, I heard myself telling Mr. Beth I would also contribute two loaves of Irish Soda Bread for the cause.

I don’t know what I’m thinking lately, I truly don’t. I have about a dozen knitting projects in progress and feel bored with all of them. I’m stalled on the book, which I should really be working on while I’m having intermittent Internet connection problems. I’m for some reason fantasizing about starting a baking career.

Maybe it’s just a midlife crisis, or post-Spring-Break mental trauma. The kids went back to school this morning after about 1,342 days off, my mother ended a weeklong visit with us yesterday morning, and it’s raining all day long today, enough to pound the last of the snow down into the water table, where it will surface downstream and wipe out the farmlands. W00t!

At least I’m pretty sure I’ll get Kelp Forest done in time. It should have 7 or less repeats to go, and with creative planning I should be able to finish it at Late Night Knitting this Friday night. That means it will be held up for display and admiration, and Heather will ring the big bell out on the porch. Not that I want some recognition or anything.

Really need my Late Night Knitting this time… the last date got cancelled because of a big snow that whipped up quickly. This date also features a big “spring cleaning” sale. Maybe I’ll just wrap up all my outstanding projects (yeah, right) and buy enough yarn to make something nice for me.

Please post, please post, please don’t dump me off the Internet Tubes!

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  1. I think you need an “atta girl,” “you can do it,” and “this too shall pass” all at once. Be sure and let me know if you need yarn. I think I need to de-stash; the yarn-on-hooves are getting too far ahead of me.

    Yum, Irish Soda Bread.

  2. That sound you heard is the crackle of my neck whipping around – “SALE” you say???? At the Late-Night? Hoooomawmaw we in trubble now. And it isn’t you, Bethie; I’ve managed to drum up the selfsame feeling and I don’t HAVE kids or projects! (In my case it’s a case of all-night working on comments again; EVERY YEAR I mean to start writing my History Day comments the INSTANT I get home….every year I plotz and futz until 11 pm and wind up writing all night. I should have a contest: how many years before I catch on? SEE YOU FRIDAY NIGHT!

  3. Hang in there, Girl! Friday’s coming! Nothing a 40 Below Hot Chocolate can’t fix! See you Friday!

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