Don’t occurrence the yarn!

I had been wondering where all the spammers were. Today I checked the spam bucket and got a delightful surprise — I’m being copied to various other Internet Tubage. Not with credit, mind you, but still. Don’t have time to fight it, so there it is.

When I clicked on one of the copies, my post showed up, credited to someone else, on a blog that purported to be about family issues, but really just hosted advertising for digital photography supplies (I think). Looks like they’re doing this to lots of other people, and it was a recent post of mine, so I don’t think it will all be around for very long.

The other post that was pirated was the one in which I taught James how to fingerknit. But it took me a while to figure it out, as it apparently got translated into another language, then mistranslated back into sorta English. Any of my polyglot friends want to take a guess at the middleman tongue? Here’s the end result:

…the inner nonfigurative I managed to designate on was my possess beginner’s anxiety most knitting. His emotion was priceless. “Don’t occurrence the yarn, Jack! Don’t occurrence the yarn!!“ “Mom, Leenie’s completely unraveling the ball of yarn!” “I am SO MAD!!!”

No more for me, thanks, I’m full. 🙂

In knitting news, I finished not one but two secret projects. (I also updated my previous post with more spinning details, so do scroll down.) I mostly battled my computer, which seems to have contracted some sort of virus. It can hold its internet connection for only so long, then loses contact one site at a time until the whole online thang collapses like a house of cards.

Don’t ask me what I’m doing here, anyway. I need to put away clothes and do more laundry and vacuum the floors and clean out my van and PACK. Off to Detroit tomorrow!

Next week: Anthony Bourdain, Top Gear, March Madness, Biggest Loser, and TOP CHEF! And yeah, that book I’m writing. See you Monday.

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  1. You’ve swayed me. I gonna give Top Chef a try for the first time, if only because Projecct Runway is so over and I’m feeling fierce.

    BTW, I’m glad he quit and all but am I the only one who thinks Anthony Bourdain looks odd without a cigarette?

    Don’t Occurrence the wine either. It’s Friday!

  2. BON VOYAGE! And happy 1/8 of a honeymoon to you both. I’ll be very happy to hear all details, please, — oh well, not ALL the details. Just the you know, public parts. 🙂 Meetcha back here….

  3. I’ve been getting the same spam – it would be funny, if it… wasn’t!! Have a good trip!

  4. Have a great time in Motor City! Don’t occurence the yarn! Snort!

  5. Where can we see this mysterious language translation of your blog? I’m curious!

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