I suppose….

…I ought to post.


Everyone’s been sick, most of us are getting better, I’m knitting (and un-knitting, and re-knitting) things I can’t talk about or display, I’m barely keeping up with reading other people’s blogs, the house is a wreck….

Oh wait. That’s not new.

But one thing that’s new, is that I signed up to take a beginning drop spindling class. This Friday night at the Sow’s Ear. Sure, it’ll take two hours out of my Late Night Knitting time, but I have been told I deserve it, and I believe that.

I’ll use today’s beautiful (and much appreciated) Natural Light to take pictures of my current spindles and fiber stash to share with you all. With any luck, I’ll be posting Yarn Barf pics on Saturday morning.

However, I have been checking Ravelry several times a day. In case you’re not on yet to follow along with the current soap opera in the Yarn forum, I’ll just say this: Friends don’t let friends buy yarn from Mystical Creations.

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  1. thanks for unleashing my inner gossip. now I gotta go check out that thread. (we’ll see how many pages I read before I get tired of it)

  2. Bummer that ya’ll have been sick! Same thing in our house, and now they’ve all passed their germs to me. They could have at least had the decency to only come down with one type of death germ instead of 3 seperate ones.

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

  3. OMGosh! Thanks for the heads up on the Ravelry thing. It’s been very entertaining reading. See you Friday night!

  4. I read that thread too!
    The only thing I can say is that the yarn you got is older, from several years ago, and a number of people said the older yarn was better. So there’s hope for the scarf! Have you tested for colorfastness yet? I don’t have any more of that colorway, but I can check another of the skeins I got at the same time.

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