F double I double B double E double RRRRR

Here are the goods! In retrospect I don’t really have that much fiber. It just seems like a lot because I don’t know how to do anything with it yet.

First fibers first… practice fiber sent to me by cyberfriend Lauren, along with her Louet handcards. Sheesh woman you are too generous! As you can see, it is in a state of Pre-Yarnbarf. I left it just the way it was when I ripped it from the spinning wheel bobbin.


Next, I went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last fall.

I had money.

Bad idea.

First, I bought my literal “three bags full” of fiber from a Border Leicester named Wookie. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because my knitting and spinning enabling friend Brandy bought the rest of the lot and learned spindle spinning on it practically on the way home from the festival. Here’s a little bit of it. Couldn’t turn it into anything last fall either.

Wookie fiber, WS&W07

Then, of course, I just had to buy Jacob Sheep fiber. If you put “heritage” or “heirloom” in front of anything, I want it. I just do. Sentimental Cancerian or First Class Sucker? I’m not sure yet. But I love the way it looks right now, and can’t imagine how beautiful it will be when it’s spun. Yeah right, as if I’m going to touch this before I know what I’m doing.

Jacob Sheep roving

Finally, I bought this at Susan’s Fiber Shop. I wanted something colorful so that when I did start to learn how to spin, there would be some color changes to keep me interested and attentive to my work. I’m not crazy about the caramel color that crept in, but the rest of it reminds me of Easter Eggs.

BFL fiber, Susan’s Fiber Shop

I also bought this at Susan’s Fiber Shop — and a fat lot of good it’s done me so far. Maybe this Friday I’ll learn how to do something productive with it. Sorry about the blurriness — I think I’ll have to clamp it in something, then back up and zoom in to get a clearer picture. But you can get the gist of it.

Celtic spindle, Susan’s Fiber Shop

And since you’ve made it this far, here’s a bonus picture. Over the last few days, the snow has melted to reveal all kinds of things, from dead grass to tree limbs to slabs of ice cast aside months ago by the snowplow.

Here I’m standing between the house and garage, literally atop the garden, looking down into a swampy lowland. At sunset tonight, before I loaded up the van to drag everyone to a scout meeting, it looked for all the world like a frozen ocean.

Wisconsin sunset

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  1. Oh my gosh – ya’ll have GROUND under that snow! I’m jealous.

    And that spindle looks mighty purty, blurry and all. I need to get a fancier one. Or maybe just really I need to learn how to use the sucker better 🙂 I need to get out the wookie again. Have fun on Saturday!

  2. Photos?! Amazing, Grace! You’ll get the spinning thing, practice, practice, my friend. In the meantime, you’ve collected some nice fiber. LOVE the Jacob, must get me some (the fiber, not the animal, I’m full up here).

    Keep on spinning (and getting well). We’re still flu-ing here.

  3. That spindle is almost pretty enough to make me take up spinning. Love the Jacob fiber, and the Easter-egg stuff! Hurry up and learn to spin so I can live vicariously! 🙂

  4. don’t worry about the carmel – it’ll probably look better once it’s spun.

    I’m really looking forward to our sheepy fest in May – though I fear how much I may buy!

  5. Oh, I was sucked into spindle spinning, too. I still can’t spin anything that looks like yarn – yet. Love the jacob, and the colored braid.

  6. Photos are just icing on the cake. Those Jacob sheep – must be the sentimental cancer in me – lovely. And the easter egg yarn, what a treat!

  7. I want that spindle. That is all.

    Except that I have a beautiful bag of Jacob sheep fiber, too. And also a whole fleece in the garage. Because I am just SUCH A GOOD SPINNER. (alas, not.)

    NO MATTER. If I let fact get in the way of my delusions, I’d’ve never learned to knit, either. 🙂

  8. You are a better woman than I to even have a desire to learn to use a spindle. Me and my wheel(s) make a grand team; spindles look like too much work for the end satisfaction!

  9. Love the multicolor fleece and the hand spindle. That Susan is a big enabler. That’s how I got started spinning. Didn’t get a chance to look at the results from your class. How did it go?

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