We’re in the freezing rain stage of yet another winter storm. Pretty soon it will be changing to snow (as soon as the ice underlayment is complete), and I’ve heard we’re getting anywhere from 6 to 12 inches on top of all we already have.

I let some people know we had a big trip to make today, but that’s been postponed for a week. We are not going anywhere! I’ll try to take the best pictures I can from the house.

In other news, I’m looking for more Mystical Creations Yarn in wool/silk, the Stormy Sea colorway. I don’t think there’s any more out there (I’ve already e-mailed the dyer and someone on Ravelry), but it was worth a shot. Without more, the Irish Hiking Scarf won’t be long enough. I may have to rip it all out and re-knit it with only two cables.

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  1. I thought it looked on the Weather Channel like y’all were in for it…stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate! 🙂

    Too bad about the IHS – but it’ll look great with only two cables, too! That yarn looks gorgeous.

  2. Ah, gee, I hope you can find some more of that exquisite yarn – but jules is right, narrower will be no less breathtaking. And you’re right, “Hunkered” is the only place to be today! The Madison buses are NOT RUNNING! At ALL! I don’t remember that happening before. It’s dreadful (but oh my the trees are so beautiful). I just worry now about breakage of branches and limbs (and you know, telephone and power lines). Have a cup of tea!

  3. Have you ever shown a photo of the Irish Hiking Scarf on your blog? I was gifted with one (AND matching wristwarmers!) on Friday and oh my, what a beautiful pattern! (The yarn and colorway make me swoon, too…come and see on my blog.) Makes me want to try cables for the first time; I’ve got to pick up some cable needles now, I suppose.

    Stay safely indoors!

  4. Oh, Beth, I bet I have some more! I bought a few different MCY blues with thoughts of knitting some sort of blue combo — which was just some misty thought. So let me dig around in the attic where I keep the yarn I’m not using in the imminent future. Tomorrow pm, hopefully, when I have off, in the daylight. I am pretty darn sure I have at least one more skein — should have been acquired at the same time, too, so as close to matching as hand-painted can be!

    DON’T RIP!

  5. I have ONE MORE SKEIN!
    Send me your address and it will be on its way! (I have to go to the PO in the early morning anyway.)

  6. Be very careful how you block your Mystical Creations project.

    Email me for a link to what happened when one of my Knit Night friends wet-blocked hers.

    I would not wear it outside in a rainstorm.

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