Thundersnow, meet icequake

First, go read this.

Everyone back now? Good! Wasn’t that strange? We were way too far from Madison to feel or hear anything, but for me it’s just one more proof of Wisconsin’s 10,000 micro-ecosystems. I had never heard of this phenomenon until this morning.

Knitwise, this is just a quick hit until sometime later.

Packer Hat: finished the top, still weaving in the ends before working the brim. (Maybe the ladies at Knit Night will have some suggestions for that part, and I’m fully prepared to benefit from their collective wisdom.)

Craft store directory: added two more volunteers, and 40 more stores to put in the database. That probably brings the number of active stores to over 500. I actually had to switch binders for my contact information, since there was no way I was going to be able to fit another 40 pages in the current one.

Second jacquard sock: coming right along, thank you. I’m past the ribbing and about three inches into the leg. I don’t think I’ll need the rest of the yarn until Brandy’s well enough to send it, so that’s good news, too.

There’s a brand new Backyardigans episode on RIGHT NOW, so I have to go!

Oh yeah… later may be tomorrow, since there’s Late Night Knitting at the Sow’s Ear tonight. Woo-hoo!

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  1. Icequake eh – ya learn something new everyday!

    Yarn should be on it’s way by Monday at the latest – my goal is to actually be at the post office tomorrow – but no promises 🙂

  2. An icequake?! I thought I’d learned everything there was to know about colder climes, having lived in Michigan for a few years, but icequakes are news to me! Kinda cool, though…I’m a total weather nerd. 🙂

  3. Packer hat? Brilliant! Socks? Stunning! Book? Mammoth and admirable undertaking! I didn’t have any firsthand of the icequake either, but I remember watching the lake form my campus office some years ago and being fascinated watching it begin to steam and boil before freezing in the fall and raising great clouds of steam and making huge cracking noises in the spring. We’re lucky to have these lakes right here in our very midst.

  4. Oh, the fun of the Isthmus – and now it’s bringing us weather phenomena! There’s a beautiful photo of Lake Mendota in the background of many of my wedding photos (we got married at the Wisconsin Union on The Hottest Day of 1988) – bright blue, sailboats, the essence of summer. And now icequakes! Crazy!!

  5. Thought of you today when I read this blog post.

  6. […] available: Quicktime (.mov), Flash Video (.flv)Tags: boston, noreaster, snow, storm, … Thundersnow, meet icequake: First, go read this. Everyone back now? Good! Wasn?t that strange? We we… Top 5 Questions on thundersnow Severe Thundersnow?Have you ever experienced a severe thundersnow. […]

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