Breaking News!

Actually, I have lots of breaking news.

Number One. I met a deadline! Knitted three preemie caps and sent them off before the deadline. (I know!) This is part of the Knitters Cherish Life project, which grew out of a Ravelry group’s musings for a positive pro-life project. What did we do before Ravelry? I don’t remember.

Number Two. We had a blizzard last night, but it didn’t bring us any snow. If it did, that snow just kept going and is in Michigan by now. We just have bitter cold, frozen side streets, and no school.

Number Three. I cast on for a second sock. (I know!) Poor hubby has been so anxious for his second jacquard sock he has actually bought me more sock yarn in the interim between Sock One and Sock Two. Sock yarn for a different sock, that is. He picked up two skeins of Crystal Palace Panda cotton/bamboo (in Sable, and soft! soft!), and a set of Crystal Palace bamboo dpn’s. I have almost an inch of ribbed cuff so far.

Number Four. A fiberrific solution to the sagging U.S. economy, as reported here. Enjoy!

I’m pretty happy with my knitting right now. My list of FO’s for 2008 is longer than my list of things that need to be finished from 2007, plus things like un-knitted mittens for myself and Big Tom. There are a couple of hats sitting in the Think Tank, to be sure, but they’ll come out soon, I’m sure of it.

Stay warm — knit faster!

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  1. I am THAT impressed! (Also – your husband bought you yarn AND needles? whoooah…..) We did get a bit of snow, drifting strategically over the black ice on the roads, but not much; on the other hand, the temperature dropped from around 38 to 0 mid-afternoon, so fast that my windows literally steamed up! We also had Jack Frost paintings for a while, which almost never happens. “No school” for you means planning things for wee ones; for us it meant “staying home and blog-reading” because our school groups for the Museum cancelled. We’re bummed (but my current Toque will benefit). You’re right, knitting faster DOES keep one warm!

  2. It snowed here in southern Wisconsin also, and then turned very very cold and windy. For the first time in years, school was called off and my daughter had a wonderful relaxing time at home. I think it was a perfect day for knitting, but instead I took down the christmas tree! The weather will improve. I thought you might like to know that the Madison Knitters’ Guild is sponsoring a Knit In on March 8. Lily Chin is the keynote speaker; we will have classes and a market with 20 vendors!! And lunch! and door prizes. You can find more information at Scroll down to the March 8 on the list of events! Hope you can come!

  3. Man! You’re on fire! Are you going to be at Knit Night on Friday? There is a surprise for you on my site!

  4. Once again you are the evil temptress, trying to get me to hate you by revealing (and reveling it) your incredible knitting production AND your knitting-enabling husband! Waaaahhh!

  5. Hiya Beth – I’m so glad your dh is closer to getting some socks! AND you finished some wee little hats – now that should remind me that I need to get knitting similar for our SkipNorth in March. (only march?? argh).
    Your knit in sounds amazing. I’m jealous.
    Did you see your parcel finally arrived here? (a while ago now)… And I loved it.

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