Mystery knitting revealed!

Add one more item to the list, or is that scratch one off? This morning it was between 20 and 25 below zero (Fahrenheit) with wind chill, and I realized that yet again my nearly-nine-year-old was poaching his future-four-year-old brother’s handknit mittens to wear to school.

I cast on almost immediately! And just as quickly deviated from the pattern (Fittin’ Mittens by Nancy Lindberg) by creating a 1×1 rib instead of a 2×2 rib. I made an extra long cuff (what he really wants are fingerless gauntlets, but cf. temperature, above), knit the thumb gusset nearly from memory, and am now proceeding up the hand. I don’t know if I will have a pair done by the time the bus comes tomorrow morning ā€” in fact, I probably won’t. One wonders, then, why I didn’t just wait until the weekend so he’d have a pair by Monday without the sense of urgency.

I don’t know. Just had to cast on one more thing, I guess.

And while I was happily whipping out all this 1×1 ribbing on three dpns, I had to wonder why my sock output is so low. Two single socks of two different pairs, for two different people. When really, today, I was essentially knitting a worsted-weight sock sans heel. And I like knitting heel flaps, so what’s the problem? Socks have less cuff ribbing than these mittens do, really.

Here I have this dear husband who has so far brought back yarn from Los Angeles, Maine, and Madison (Badger game barter!), and stated that he wants to be the guy at work who wears only dress socks handknitted by his wife no matter what color they are or whether they go with his outfit or not. You’d think I’d be cranking out the socks right now.

Perhaps I need therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.

Maybe it’s the lack of wine, ever since our Biggest Loser Home Game Challenge started. On the other hand, I’ve lost seven pounds in three weeks, so wine begone!

Here. Talk amongst yourselves.

Washcloth #1

OK, no guesses. It’s a washcloth, people. I made another one, too, but it’s not for me, it’s for my XSIL who’s on medical leave from work for the rest of the school year. I think she needs more handknits.

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  1. So what IS the pinky thing? And now I have to hate you, you know, for losing weight. I’m taking the dog out for regular jogs now, and I think I’m GAINING. And maybe you have some passive aggression towards your DH buried in there somewhere, so that you don’t REALLY want to give him what he wants…. I don’t know, I’m no shrink!

  2. A picture! Check it out! Now I know I have a whiskey sour in me at the moment, but that doesn’t look like a mitten to me. šŸ™‚

  3. Spill the beans…how’d you drop all those pounds (and no I am not eating Cheetos and drinking Cream Soda while I wonder why I feel so fat)? Didn’t you just feel like super mom cranking out those mittens?

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