Kick in the gut

I’m still recovering from last night’s heartbreak. It’s tough to come so close without sealing the deal, yet still remember that this was a team with no expectations of getting anywhere this close to the Super Bowl.

Not to mention that they weren’t doing poorly until I pulled out the Packer Hat to start working on the decreases for the top. Sigh. Sigh. Big Deep Sigh.

If you are not from Wisconsin, the one thing you have to understand today is that Packer fans are deep believers in the Jinx. Did we all do our part? Did we all do the things we did the last time they won? Was I standing in the right place? Was I knitting like last week, or not-knitting like last week? Was it too much to expect us to win after Brett Favre was on not one, but two covers of Sports Illustrated?

Nobody, but nobody wants to blame the Packers themselves. Somehow, after how hard they worked to get this far, it just wouldn’t be fair.

It’s tough to get going again, but I still need to finish the hat, as well as all the other things I flung myself into when I said I wouldn’t.

Here’s the current list:

Knit one, purl two hat: waiting for me to figure out the decreases.
Packer hat: top being knitted, then the brim.
Giftknit scarf: in progress.

Need to knit:

Second sock for DH.
Mittens for Little Man.
Fingerless gauntlets for Eldest Son.
Mittens for Self.
Second sock for me (Salt and Pepper).
Blanket/stole for Mom.
Many, many more socks for DH.

Darn that Ravelry, I also want to do the Fog sweater for DH and the Sunday Market Stole for myself. When I’m not writing this book, that is, or digging out from all the snow. (Yes, update your dance cards, it’s snowing in Wisconsin again. Why couldn’t this have happened yesterday at about 5pm?)

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  1. WHAT????? Are you saying it was YOUR fault?

    Oh man, what a relief. I was sure it was mine, and I couldn’t look myself in the face.

  2. […]   Addendum: Whew. It’s not my fault. It’s Beth’s. She said so. […]

  3. My vote for who did things wrong is the National Football League – An Evening game in January in Green Bay – Give me a break – tooo cold for everyone involved, and the spectators.
    And I wasn’t wearing the exact same clothes as last week, and I was knitting something different than last week also…. And I also rearranged the living room.

  4. No no, not your fault. MY fault, for harboring a Giants Fan in my very bosom. Well–uhm…you know, not exactly IN my BOSOM, but–wait, no, I don’t think it was that either. (Was it?) Still, the buzz on the local news is, Brett’s hangin’ in for the duration. So as I see it, next year for sure! And truthfully, I think the weather was a factor. Seems Coach even had the guys practice with frozen balls to prepare them. FOOTBALLS, you naughty girl! Maybe it’s ’cause Jeanne rearranged her living room?

  5. No, my fault. I knit a Green Bay hat that was *at* the game. I cried when it was over. I still haven’t talked to my husband (who’s still there), I’m scared to. If I cried, I have no idea how he’s holding up.

  6. No, it was my fault! I was sick on the couch and unable to successfully send my good vibes telepathically through the TV. Also, Rob was yelling at the TV – too much negative energy. Or maybe it was my hesitation to build the game up in my head all week for fear that all the hoopla was going to jinx us. Or maybe it was because the 8 year old wouldn’t wear her packers shirt – can you believe that?! Something about not liking football. I told her not to let her dad hear her talk that way – she doesn’t have to like football, but she should at least attempt to Back the Pack!

  7. So many have claimed fault, that I won’t have to put in my claim. whew. There’s always next year. Who knows – when it’s our turn we’ll be ready and it won’t be -15 (maybe just snowing sideways)

  8. Well, I may as well chime in here that it was MOST CERTAINLY my fault for not watching the game at all (I watched Jane Austen on Masterpiece theatre instead) and asking a friend to call with the final score. Yup, definitely my fault for not being one of the true “believers.” (Now, if WI had a NHL team, THAT would be a different story)
    –ducking and running from the cheeseheads likely to be hurled my way

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