Snow in January in Wisconsin

Apparently this is an amazing big deal, but it’s actually snowing right now. I just thought I should tell you. 🙂

I’m starting to get in a rhythm for the book, but it’s one of those deals where you look up one thing and find four or five more you ought to know… kind of like “browsing” through Wikipedia or wandering into a new yarn store. Oh lookie over here, did you know about this? And I sent out 25 e-mails last night for stores to verify their data, and I’m starting to hear back from the store owners.

The best thing that happened tonight was, after about five sessions of signing up for visitor information to be sent from various Convention and Visitor Bureaus (after searching for them in the first place), I stumbled across the website for the ASSOCIATION of CVBs in Wisconsin. Do I want them all to mail me information? Boy do I ever!

I don’t know what I’ll do with all this free time.

Oh, that’s right, I’ll knit. I haven’t been posting pictures but I have been starting and finishing stuff. (Check out my new page for FOs.) You simply won’t believe what will be the next project to come off the needles — probably tomorrow.

Any guesses? No hints! OK, one hint, it is something I have never made before.

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  1. Oh boy, that means I better get with the program on the mail…. I’ve been sick, not wanting to contaminate it an all – it is still hermetically sealed in the brown paper bag.

  2. Oh, oh, is it a Baby Surprise Jacket???

    chocolatesheep: BZZZT! Sorry, it isn’t. But that’s a good guess.

  3. Huh, since just started following – I have no guess. But, I like surprises!

    chocolatesheep: Check out the Finished Objects pages for examples of what it isn’t.

  4. Adult socks? A shawl? Um, a weenie warmer?

    chocolatesheep: I have already made two adult socks. However, to be fair, they hardly match. I’ve done a shawl too. I haven’t done a weenie warmer and don’t plan to! BZZT!

  5. My guess is shawl, too, but I like Kmkat’s third guess! 😀

    Holy cow, it’s snowing in Wisconsin? *faints*

    chocolatesheep: It’s not a shawl….. BZZT!

  6. OK, checked out your FO’s. Real mittens? Not the fingerless kind I know you knit, but real mittens for WI winters? Also didn’t see pants – but who really would wear knitted pants? Except maybe babies or little kids (who wouldn’t have no choice). Slippers? Any of these right?

    chocolatesheep: Actually, I have knit two pairs of mittens so far, just haven’t put up the photos yet. No pants. I have a slipper pattern (OK, felted clogs) but haven’t made them yet. BZZT!

    This isn’t much of a clue, but that thing I had never knit before? I just finished another one last night. They do not match, but have the same function.

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