Missed me!

People, we had a tornado warning this afternoon. Even the Weather Channel folks were shocked. But the tornadoes in southern Wisconsin were still far enough south and east of us that Chateau du Chocolat was never in danger. We got a couple of downpours, but never even any thunder. Tomorrow’s forecast is for rain changing to snow, so you never know. (All our previous snow got melted off after three days with the temps in the fifties, so we are ready to have our snow back and say goodbye to this stinking wall of fog.)

This puts the kibosh on my plans to sneak out to JoAnn’s tomorrow and hunt down alpaca sale yarn. My mother found some at her local store in Ohio and wondered how much she’d need for a sweater. I’m still a little boggled at alpaca yarn being at JoAnn’s to begin with. If you are out and about in the next few days trying to score some, please leave a few skeins at the Watertown store for me.

I have finally made something with a little bit of my long-hoarded alpaca yarn (Classic Elite, Inca Print). Last night I started, and this afternoon I finished, one fingerless mitt. I love it, but I bound off the thumb a little tight, so it takes some work to get it on and off. I think the kids were more in awe of it than Mr. Beth was. It was a super quick knit that I just made up as I went. I started with the pattern from Wendy Knits, adjusted for a different gauge, then did my own thing until I got to the thumb gusset. Once I get some pictures taken, and uploaded, and posted, you can tell me how you think it worked out.

This violated the rule I had made the day before, about finishing a UFO before I cast on for something new. It was actually more of a guideline, really. And as I mentioned before, it was a really quick knit and maybe the UFOs won’t even notice as this project flies by like a limo on Chicago’s Tri-State Tollway.

Spam Post of the Day

This one gets a special award for honesty!

I feel like a void. So it goes. I haven’t gotten much done today. I just don’t have anything to say right now. Not that it matters. Whatever. Come look at the other.

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  1. Alpaca yarn at JoAnn’s??? I need to go to town tomorrow to mail some things, so I’ll have to stop by just in case! I’ve never spun OR knit with alpaca (although I recently got a one-ounce sample to try spinning with), so I think I need to enlarge my horizons. Yeah, that’s it. It’s an enrichment experience, not a purchase or stash addition!

  2. Can’t wait to see the fingerless mitt! (I have a deep and abiding fondness for fingerless mitts.) And you’re right, they knit up so fast the UFO’s will never notice. 🙂

    Chateau du Chocolat – I love it!

  3. Beth – I’m going to be out and about today (Tuesday). Don’t know when you’ll see this, but I’ll e-mail you my cell phone number, want me to look for something for you? Like I NEED an excuse to grope the yarn at JoAnn’s, but I can combine it with a visit to Felix, my favorite cobbler-shop cat. Oh, and I read you FIRST today, I was in quite a panic about the tornadoes. We DID have thunder – all of this is just WRONG for January. But I agree, I’m glad we’ll be getting some new fresh clean snow, what’s left now is gross.

  4. heh heh “It was actually more of a guideline, really.” ohhh, that is a good one.

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