Oh, deer

So. Last night, bereft of my now-regular Late Night Knitting night, I headed east instead, to a great library where I could start searching all the phone books in Wisconsin for craft stores I didn’t already have in my database.

Should I take 18 all the way to Waukesha? Naah, it’s already dark, they said there would be fog, there might be deer. So I decided to take F from 18 to 94 and take the freeway in.

Three miles later I looked ahead and saw a doe that had just crossed my path, and a yearling that was following her and about to jump into the other side of the van. I don’t know how I threaded the needle between those two, but it all worked out. (Is there a special signal to give to oncoming drivers for “I almost hit a deer”? Because I really wanted to flash an alert signal to oncoming traffic.)

After the library visit, I came home on 18. No fog, no deer, no worries. Go figure.

What I did have were 39 extra contact forms in my binder, filled out for stores I didn’t have written down already — just in towns that started with the letters A and B. Tonight I updated the database, copied out the C and D cities from the database to the binder, and sent some store data up to Kathryn (hello Kathryn!) to be verified. I already need to make more blank copies of my own form. Sheesh.

Not much knitting today, except I think the K1P2 hat is ready for a crown. I’ll take notes, as I’m planning something clever but don’t know how to pull it off yet. Then I can cast on for my alpaca mittens. My hands are d@mn cold. Maybe I should make them as wrist warmers instead. Doesn’t that sound decadent?

Spam Post of the Day

In my spam bucket I found what looked like a chapter of a hardcore p0rn novel. Yikes! Delete delete delete! And shame on the author for lusting after 14 year old girls. I don’t care how big their chests were, that’s just *wrong.* Go tell someone else about it, or even better, just shut up and go to therapy.

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  1. Eeewww on the spam! How do you attract them so well? I think I’ve only ever gotten one spam comment on my blog, and I don’t even have one of those spam-busting code words you have to enter.

  2. Kudos for missing the deer….whoooah! And regarding spambuckets, I haven’t seen that one (whew) but I’m beset daily with ads to enlarge my penis, sell me all manner o’ drugs (painkillers or Viagra) or genuine, artificial, brilliant reproductions of real copies of Rolex watches. No thenk yew. But the 18th is a Late Knit, see you THAR!

  3. Glad you missed the deer. Silly things, don’t they know all the good stuff is on the side of the road where they already are.

    Ewww on the p0rn spam. I’ve only ever gotten one spam comment on my blog (knock on wood!) and I too have no verification word (Typepad capchas drive me wild on others’ blogs — I nevereverever get them right on the fist try). My yahoo account gets 50-100 spams/day, but happily no more than a couple get through to my inbox. Amazing how many spammers think I really need to go to nursing school/ enlarge my member/ buy cheap insurance.

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