I’m going to hit you in the head

Today’s post title has nothing to do with anything, except that I have an exceedingly charming 3.5 year old son who has been making this statement to me with such regularity that I don’t even duck any more.

Jack the Wonder Twin has been three and a half for about a decade. I look at his older brother, who does seem to age, or at least move from grade to grade, to remind myself that three will become four, four will eventually become five, and at some unknown point all the years will pass by in a flash and I will be sitting in my rocking chair wondering where the time went, and missing all those carefree days….

….being threatened with assault five or six times a day.

We really are trying to reach the “gentle Jack” part of his personality, but to be honest, it’s really a hit-or-miss proposition. I have already apologized to the preschool teacher for next year, but promised her that Tom will be worth the wait.



It was Christmas Day before I realized that I had, without realizing it, knit scarves for my father, my son, my husband, and my brother. Wowzers. K2TOG, eh? I also knit for my brother’s puppy, who I didn’t get to meet, but my brother seemed to be really impressed, so that was cool too.

Father-scarf: Acrylic (Red Heart from stash), One-Row Harlot pattern, grey with three narrow scarlet stripes at each end. (Go Bucks!) Note to Others: Harlot’s pattern is not reversible when you add stripes. Leave an end unwoven before you make the second set of stripes so you remember which side of the scarf is the front. I touched it before I headed home and was told, No, you’re not taking it with you.

Son-scarf: Wool (Cascade 220), Ravenclaw House Scarf from Charmed Knits. Got an “oh wow” but he doesn’t seem eager to wear it. He did ask for matching gloves (yes, gloves) and there’s enough yarn left over so why not.

Husband-scarf: Wool (Plymouth Galway Colornep), Irish Hiking Scarf. He loves it and wants a hat.

Brother-scarf: Acrylic (Grey Heather Wool-Ease), my own design. This was the garter-stitch piece with the stockinette columns that spelled out his name in Morse Code. One narrow red stripe at the beginning, two at the end. If he ever loses it, it will be easy to prove that it’s his. Presuming, of course (as he pointed out) that anyone else knows Morse Code.

Now, let’s see… my haul… my dear dear husband surprised me with The Little Box of Sweaters and (without knowing it had been on my Amazon list for two years) Zen and the Art of Knitting. Which isn’t at all the book I thought it would be, but I do enjoy it very much.

And my woodworking dad… built me an umbrella swift out of oak, cherry, and mahogany. It is a beauty and I have it clamped to a bookshelf near my computer so I can just reach out and touch it. Oh my goodness. I thought maybe he would make me a niddy noddy but when I saw this I was in shock.

So. What am I working on now? Well, for an extra present for my husband I cast on for socks for him on Christmas Day. I’m at the point on the foot now where I know I won’t have enough yarn to make it to the toe without breaking into the next skein. Which means I’ll have to find another batch of yarn in the same dyelot to finish. They’re Patons Kroy, the jacquard pattern in tans and blues. Not really his style, but it’s a motivation to me to whip through a pair of socks and soak up some mojo. (Harlot basic sock recipe.)

I also decided to make him a wool hat (last year’s acrylic hat was too big and of course couldn’t hold its shape) and wondered what Knit One, Purl Two would actually look like in the round if you knit it on stitches that weren’t a multiple of three. (I picked 64.) It’s pretty nice so far but I think way too small for him. But it will fit someone!

Oh yeah…while I was visiting my parents I knitted a mitten for Jack, finished the Big Secret Project, and started that sock. While traveling to my parents’ I worked on the Packer Hat and got the Fair Isle lettering done. Now I just have to knit myself out of a corner (more on that in another post) and knit the top of the hat, then pick up stitches for the brim. No prob, Bob.

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  1. Spec-TAC-ular! Hearing that – and seeing how much my son loved the houndstooth scarf his sister made – inspires me to maybe try some Christmas knitting next year (hopefully by then I’ll be all toquered out). Oh, and kidlets DO get bigger…believe it or not my Lovely Daughter was once 18 months old and threw a tantrum worthy of Grendl. (I wouldn’t have those days back, though.)

  2. Jack will grow out of it…my son, who is now a polite and charming young man with a terrific sense of humor, went through a phase where, when he was bored in a craft store, would announce loudly that he was sick and he was going to throw up. (You HAVE to take him out of the craft store at that point, and apparently having to go straight to his room when he got home was a small price to pay. He did this for the entire fifth year of his life.) 🙂

    Sounds like y’all had a great Christmas! I love Zen and the Art of Knitting – it was one of the first knitting books I bought, and it wasn’t quite what I expected either, but it ended up being one of my favorites. There’s a lot of inspiration in there.

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