Blogiversary Day

Well, this is my official first birthday of my blog. Someone mentioned in the comments that they thought I had been blogging longer than that.

That’s sort of true.

A few years ago, upon being threatened with having to go work at Target, I came up with a Master Plan for working from home. I created an entity called Wisconsin Crafter, which would be an e-mail newsletter covering craft-related news and events across the state. My quilting group signed up, and I was off.

I started with events in Portage County and gradually added more areas. I subscribed to every mailing list I could find, and had signup sheets at a couple of relevant shows. By the time it became nearly unmanageable, I had about 150 people on my mailing list. It was a little challenging, but really fun.

Part of my newsletter was what I called “Beth’s Luddite Blog.” I wrote a few lines almost every day about stuff that was happening, and put it at the end of the newsletter in chronological order. I did an “Editor’s Message” too, which was a little longer; I have posted a couple of them on the blog.

The next phase of everything was the great Wisconsin Crafter website. It had an events calendar, forums, private messaging, photo albums, a real blog, book reviews, and all kinds of other goodies. Somehow it just didn’t take off the way the newsletter had, but it was definitely easier to do than the newsletter (thanks to the hard work put in, mostly gratis, by my IT guy, who has my everlasting gratitude — see below).

Phase Three was blogdom! Now we were on to something. Free, quick, easy, fun, all that good stuff. And WordPress gives you statistics out the wazoo, which is exactly how I like it. That all started a year ago. I left witty comments on other blogs until, voila! I somehow attracted the six loyal readers I have today. Thank you all!

Wisconsin Crafter isn’t dead at all, but the website is being completely redone (cf. IT guy above, still mostly gratis, thankyou thankyou thankyou) to turn it into a more corporate site for the small publishing I plan to do. The first project is big, really big, but I need to just buckle down and get it together during January, then I’ll be all ready to promote it. And I get smaller project ideas all the time, like knitting pattern booklets and coffee table books about quilting. I hope to have a shopping cart there someday, as well as solicitations for manuscripts from outside writers so I can work as an editor and publisher instead of trying to write everything myself.

But that’s just my odd blogging history. If it seems I’ve been doing this for more than a year, there’s a good reason. Maybe as I stagger under self-imposed deadlines next month, I’ll pull a Lynn Johnston (a la For Better or For Worse) and present “vintage” blog entries from time to time. Children were born, knitting was learned, quilts were started and finished. It was a good time.

Thanks for sharing my crafting with me!

Today’s Impossible List: Pack for a weeklong trip, prepare road snacks, clean the house, prepare the knitting for a weeklong trip, take the dog to the kennel, make a fantastic dinner using everything that must be cooked up before we go (pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and fancy mushrooms and onions?), and go to Knit Night.

And knit and knit and knit and knit….

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Yay! FIRST to wish you a happy blogiversary!

    Love from… One of Six.

  2. Happy blogiversary!

    from Astrid, another One.

  3. Happy Blogiversary!

  4. To Dream The Impossible Dream….
    seems we’re all doing that this time of year! Your list is bigger than mine today, I admit.
    Happy Blogiversary to You, and I hope your holidays are wonderful and no one throws up and traveling is uneventful. What more could anyone ask for?

  5. I’ll second that — Happy blogiversary!

  6. Does this make me Loyal Reader #6? Hurray! 🙂

    Happy Blogiversary! Have a great trip and a happy holiday!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

    The huge cake I ordered you with the Male Entertainment should arrive shortly – that is if Franklin’s dear Delores doesn’t get to him first.


  8. Looks like you have more than six loyal readers. 🙂 I am one, and I, too, wish you a happy Bloggiversary and a Merry Christmas! Did you get my Christmas card?

  9. Clearly more than six! Happy Happy from here too….and I’m sitting here in my elderly quietude, and realizing that you do this blog, all that other stuff, knit like a dream, quilt like magic, write — and you’re raising children and wrangling a husband in the bargain????? Well, m’dear, I *bitterly* regret missing you last night (and I did SO need the ambience), but next time? The first one’s on ME. Blue Sky? Aww, go for something more celebratory!

  10. Happy first year – here is to many more and have a Merry Christmas!

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