Wrapping up

It’s that time today — time to wash everything, clean up everything, and bake everything, so that tomorrow we can pack everything and be ready to hit the road in the early morning. Last night I finished the Ravenclaw scarf. I think that’s all the family giftknitting, unless I uncover some long-lost to-do list somewhere. But frankly, I’m not looking very hard for something like that. There are far too many other things to do.

I could have used some knitting this afternoon. I had the brilliant idea that instead of hauling the little ones to the school Christmas concert tonight, I would just take devil child Jack and Tom along with me when I took Colleen in to a dress rehearsal. Of course, what I really needed were EXTRA hands and arms, not fewer.

It was so embarrassing. Jack hollered and howled and said inappropriate things, everyone wiggled all over, nobody lifted a finger to help me. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me and I don’t expect a red carpet under my feet wherever I go. But I was obviously struggling to carry 60 pounds of boys out the door at the end of things, with my purse slipping off my arm and my daughter unable to push the door open. I wish I had a “Mass mentor” to help out with stuff like that. If anything ever happened to Brendan I wouldn’t be able to go to Mass for the next ten years. I’m barely able to attend now.

On the plus side (?), I saw Little Miss do her thing, and all of us who went can stay home and out of everyone’s hair (and sight) during tonight’s Real Thing.

Then we can stuff them all into bed and finish the final presents and wrapping and baking and slicing and bill paying and pre-packing and I don’t know what-all.

Maybe I can get some alpaca sock yarn wound up, too. What do you think of a cuff made from K1, K1b on an odd number of stitches in the round? Would it act like ribbing? Or would it just look pretty as it slid down a calf?

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  1. Have a safe trip!! I can empathize with the Christmas Program fiasco – my husband had to walk around with our two year old at out oldest’s church gig last Sunday – ugh. We are wondering if would be wrong to try to leave her with grandparents so we could enjoy Christmas Eve service, seems wrong but then…

  2. A) NO, Stacey, it wouldn’t be wrong; grandparents might be delighted to have munchkins so you could go to the service. Actually, this year, owing to a Weird Set of Circumstances, we were not informed of my granddaughter’s Christmas program so we missed it. First time in her life.
    B) Mass Mentor! What a very good idea – is there such a thing? Might sound dumb, not being Catholic and all (formally) but gee, I’d enjoy that. Wonder if Pew Dollies would work on modern kids….

  3. I could use a Mass Mentor as well. Now that hubby goes to AA sunday mornings he doesn’t come to church with us. There are many Sundays we don’t make it because if someone is sick or super crabby, we don’t go. I will get nothing out of showing up at church not to hear a word and us disturbing everyone around – and I have half the children you do. Plus, being the secretary, everyone always wants to talk to me about stuff I can’t remember with crazy kids acting up or pouting.

    Let me know about that ribbing idea – that would make life SO MUCH EASIER! 🙂

    Have a safe trip.

  4. I remember when the twins (boys of course) became mobile and unfailingly used that power to move in opposite directions. Grab one, run after and grab the other, somehow balance them one on each hip while they struggled and made my life “challenging.” They did this to me once as we left church and the priest happened to witness only the last half, walked over to me, and asked if EVERYTHING was okay, like I was going to commit infanticide or something. I swear, I never drank coffee on a regular basis before than nor did I imbibe as much alcohol. And then there are the grey hairs…

    Let me know how the rib goes, mysterious, very mysterious.

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