Finishitis outbreak

This house is wholly contaminated with finishitis, so if you’re in need of a little mojo just raise your hand.

Yesterday it was the Red Scarf. Once I figured out who I wanted to give it to, it sped along like a banshee. Now it’s done, washed, blocked (it turned out to be just 50% wool but what the hey, it was curling, it was worth a shot), rolled, and stuffed eased into a container and almost ready for giving. Just needs a tag and a bow.

Today it’s the Ravenclaw Scarf. All knitting is essentially done. I just need to bind off the stitches, knot up all the joins, and sew the ends shut. The pattern calls for fringe on each end, but I don’t think that’s essential for boy Ravenclaws, do you?

In addition, I finished the T-shirt quilt on Friday, and it was shipped out to the recipient today. Picture… eventually.

Now I’m cranking on a Secret Project that I’ve had going for a while. I have six skeins of yarn to go, and just switched from Skein One to Skein Two.

And now that I’m thinking about it, I think I only have four projects on the needles right now — the Secret Knitting Project, one acrylic mitten (waiting for me to learn mirrored increases for the thumb gusset), the Packer hat, and Tyrone. I’m not making any predictions, mind you, but it sure would be nice to get each project over the little hump that it’s on, and have everything off the needles by the end of the year.

That still leaves me with three quilts to finish, though, so maybe I’ll need to come up with another plan.

For the new year: Mr. Beth has proclaimed that I am not permitted to cast on for anything that does not start with S-O-C. Loopholes, anyone?

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  1. Go with the old word…stockings. or you could call them slippers, foot warmers, gloves for the toes, leg warmers with toe covers, hose.

  2. That’s a double negative so you can only cast on for socks!

  3. I caught you on Yarnharlot. Here is one place to find sheep/lamb candy molds…
    (check all three pages for a few more)
    Just do a search for sheep or even lamb and you should be able to find what you want.
    Good luck with the WIPs and my nine year old son says Ravenclaws are perfectly fine wearing fringeless scarves.

  4. See this? It’s my hand, it’s raised. You handin’ around mojo? I did at least finish Toque #2, and I have the needles stuck into the skein for the next one, does that count for something? This is a Stressful Week around here, made worse on account of I don’t have much time for knitting. OY! You ARE an inspiration. (I think Friday is Late-Night again…Hog-and-Blog anyone?)

  5. Packer Hat? Is there a pattern for this? I grew up in Shorewood [Milwaukee suburb] in the ’50s and ’60s – How could I not be a Packer fan?
    And, my sister and I would walk home for lunch from school, and return – no matter the weather – kinda like the uphill both ways comment/idea

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