Halfway around

Three cheers please, last night I made it across the second edge of the T-shirt quilt. So, the top and bottom have their bindings sewn down (with some fudge room at the corners where I’m not sure how the final finishing will go). SO, I have to pin down the other two sides and keep cranking, then it’s back to Christmas knitting full time as soon as I get that quilt in the mailstream.

Next month I am putting knitting on hiatus (except for mittens) while I put together an even more important and long-delayed project. However, since I’m one of those poor unfortunates whose soul feels she can cross it off the list as soon as she’s talked about it, I don’t dare talk about it. When it’s done I will be promoting it heavily, so don’t worry, I won’t let it pass you by.

So, hmm, what else is there to talk about? This week has, so far, been about tragic losses. Not mine, but people I am just one link away from in the Kevin Bacon game. A beloved pet, a newborn baby, a classmate from high school. Love and pain are being all mashed together, and that’s not even counting the tragedies I’ve been finding out about on blogs.

I don’t have any answers. I just wish I could knit faster, and I wish that knitting faster could heal the world.

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  1. Well, at least knitting more can do something toward healing YOU. That’s not a bad deal, as far as it goes….

  2. I think this time of year brings to the fore a sensitivity in all of us. As a result, the sadness is more piquant; the sweetness more endearing; the thoughtfulness more profound…One thing I’ve learned about those of us who play with sticks and strings: we’re above all loving (who else would spend hours twiddling sticks to keep someone’s ears or fingers warm?) and we’re all more than willing to share each other’s hurts and celebrations. I’m proud to be in the sisterhood that includes you! Knit ON! (when the quilt’s together) :o)

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