Upcoming dates

Tonight: The All-Night Knit Night, or whatever they’re really calling it; you would have to check the store’s calendar here, at the Sow’s Ear. I have already been out on the roads today (long story; let’s just say I had a lot to atone for, and I did all my atoning this morning), and while I think I will stick to the bigger thoroughfares, I’m still planning to go. With knitting, a DVD, pajamas, a beverage, a book to return, and goodness knows what else. I think there will be more than one bag.

And I’m not even staying overnight…. and you should hear Dale-Harriet. I swear that woman is about to burst!

Some significant dates are coming up. Little Miss is turning FIVE next weekend. Great Gosh A’Mighty, FIVE. (I will spare you the birth story but it actually was pretty funny.)

And…my first Blogiversary is coming up too, on December 21. That is ever so slightly before I’m outta here for the holidays, so instead of a contest or a giveaway, I’d like to request that if you’ve ever visited this site on a regular basis, please leave a comment to say hi. I look at my blog stat numbers and think “wow” but most of the comments are from the same six or seven people (whom I love dearly, thank you very much). I’d like to get a peek at some of the others, if that’s not asking too much.

Knitwise, I got all those pesky ends woven in the other day, started another mitten in boy colors this time (still acrylic), kept cranking on the (shh!) Ravenclaw scarf, screwed up the Red Scarf (I think I fell asleep while knitting) and actually got the old pictures out of my digital camera and onto my computer. I think Tsarina Lisa will be holding my hand to help me rectify my imageless-blog situation soon. Goodness knows she’s trying her best.

Time to go peek at Ravelry for just a second (yeah right), re-pack my stuff for tonight, and pace around the house in anticipation until my husband kicks me out.

Spam Post of the Day

Hello! Good site! I’m From Khazahstan! I’m doing well! Thank you!

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  1. Hello! Good site! I’m from Green Bay, and I’ve been reading almost from the beginning — but I didn’t realize that until just now. I thought you’d been blogging longer! Happy blogoversary, and have fun at the lock-in.

  2. Hello! Good site! I’m from Coyote Land. I could be doing better! Thank you!

    (Actually, Jessica and I had a moment of raucous hilarity this afternoon when we realized we have both been pretending Spartacus is Buckbeak and bowing to him upon approach.)

  3. Oh hi, you know me 🙂

    I’m lame and I will probably forget, so I will tell you now – Happy Blogiversary!!! 🙂

  4. Hi! Been reading since May! Oh, you knew that…but I would like to say that the person from Kazakhstan would do well to learn to spell “Kazakhstan.” 🙂

  5. Hello! I am from Kyrghyzistan! I am well! You are welcome! I will fix your pictures! With super techno wizardry of super hero! You began your super excellent site 11 days before I began mine! This is super auspicious omen! Well I like! Very fine informations, I tell all my friends! Thank!

  6. Hi Beth…

    It’s Paula (Lemaster), from HS. I do peek at your blog now and then. If you get a minute, stop by the alumni site….our class has suffered a loss. Wasn’t sure if you had heard yet or not.
    To keep this knitting related…my oldest daughter, who went off to college this fall, has just learned to knit!
    Glad to hear things are good with you!
    Take care!

  7. Hi — found you earlier this year as a link from somebody else’s site. Now I have you on my Bloglines so I don’t miss a post. [It used to be hard for me to navigate your site.]

    I fell asleep while knitting, earlier tonight, so I feel your pain re: the red scarf.

    Happy almost-Blogiversary. I’ve been blogging about five months longer than you have.

  8. Hello! Good site! I’m from “Crazy-household-with-new-puppy-and-just-turned-six-year-old-boy-who-is-wired-and-naughty-from-having-his-grandparents-here-all-week!” Can I come with you to the “all night knit”? Sounds like exactly what I need! Oh, except for the lack of coping skills that not getting enough sleep would leave me with; not good for dealing with crazy household.

  9. Okay, I’m delurking, just because you asked. I also have you on my bloglines, err, list. so I can stay up to date. I hope Lisa works her wizardessry so photos may appear. 🙂 My blogiversay is several days (I have to look) after yours….quite auspicious, don’t you think? 😀 (humor, that’s humor.)

  10. HI there – now that I’ve wiped off the tea spewed after reading Tsarina, may I say THOSE were some Mighty-Fine Jammies! I thought it was much fun at the {yaaawwwn} uhm…let’s see, where were we? The daughter and I lasted until 3:30 am and DURN but I could’ve stuck through to the end if I didn’t have to be at the Museum at 8:30 am. Happy Blogiversary for sure; I’m going to mark my calendar so I remember actually on The Day….and now, my friend, (being as it’s 12:15 am!!! I am SO going to crash.

  11. You know, that “spam” comment might not really be spam. Maybe the person’s English is really bad but s/he likes your blog.

    Trying to see the positives… ;o)

  12. Hi. Happy bloviversary (early). I, too, have been reading from the beginning, if only to find out what I’ve done recently.

    And, for your other readers, I can confirm that little Miss’s birth story is a great one, from the Marquette win over Wisconsin http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/recap?gameId=223480269 Saturday night to sawing a Christmas tree in the living room with your brother at 10 p.m. to heading to the hospital at 2 a.m. to Miss’s plummet to Earth a few hours later to watching the Packers beat the 49ers http://www.packers.com/news/stories/2002/12/15/1/ with my 5-hours-old daughter in my lap. And that’s barely an outline.


  13. HI, and I’ll get on the early Happy Blogiversary bandwagon, too.

  14. Not QUITE a complete lurker, but it’s been a while since I’ve said anything. But did want to let you know I’m reading reasonably faithfully, enjoying thoroughly, and wishing you a beearlied Happy Blogiversary!

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