Getting there

I bound off a project last night. Woo-hoo! Then I started weaving in the ends. Grr this acrylic, it’s never going to felt together like wool. And once I finished one end, I was all excited until I counted the ends on the other end of the scarf. Eleven. Thank you, STRIPES. But I can take care of all that today and it’s one more present completed.

It also means I didn’t work on the quilt. So I *must* get back on the quilt bandwagon tonight and press on, hard.

In the meantime, the kids are shocked (“shocked, I say!”) to discover it’s COLD outside and the WIND is BLOWING. This will be a long and entertaining winter, for sure. I am looking forward to when they finally accept the concept of layering. (“Long sleeves? But Mom, I’ll be wearing a jacket!” “I don’t need gloves, I have pockets!”)

Three of my four children were, indeed, born in Wisconsin. I was one of those “uphill both ways to the bus stop” kids back in rural Ohio and you’d think being raised in Wisconsin would help pass that right on. Apparently, they’ve had it too easy.

But they also have a half day today. So Little Miss gets home as usual around 11:45, then Eldest is dismissed at noon and we’ll see how long his bus takes to get here. Usually about an hour. We’ll see how much I can get done on Secret Projects before they start arriving.

Oh…. did I mention I knitted a pair of mittens this weekend? Everyone was impressed. And now all the boys need pairs, too!

P.S. I just remembered my LYS dream from last night. I was just looking for a pair of straight needles in the most disorganized yarn store ever! I think things were arranged by manufacturer, all far away from each other. There was a deli or something in the middle of the store. The colors of the needles and the yarns were beautiful, but for goodness sake, why have a dream like this??? It was so frustrating! Ever have an LYS dream? “Tell me your dream, and I’ll tell you what it means.”

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  1. I remember in the spring when it started warming up my Little Mr was literally upset and crying when I told him he didn’t need to wear long sleeve shirts that his short sleeve shirts were not broken. Good luck with the winter clothes! Of course, once they freeze a time or two, they might change their minds!

  2. But didja GET the needles?

    And how was the pastrami?

  3. I dreamed I showed up at my yarn store in my jammies and piggie slippersand I was the only one! Wait, maybe that’s a premonition…

  4. My daughter will not wear a hat. She has a hood on her coat, but still. Cold! Windy! Wear a hat, girl! My son will wear a hat, but it’s a cheap acrylic $3-at-Meijer deal, and I’m insulted. 🙂

  5. My Preteen keeps trying to leave the house wearing no hat, nothing on her hands, and ballet flats with no socks. Her father finally had a royal fit about the sockless shoes (considering the morning wind chills have indeed been around 0!) and she is wearing socks. But today — no boots, no hat, no gloves. (Virtual eye roll here. But ’tis the age and stage, I guess.)

    End weaving hint: for acrylic or other slippery yarns, after you weave a bit through the stitches, take a sharper needle and put the yarn end right through the yarn of the purl bumps of a couple stitches (you know, through the yarn itself). It stays better and isn’t noticeable if you just do one or two purl bumps.

    Now you know why I hate stripes, though. I really avoid them unless the stripes are 4 rows or fewer, then I can carry the yarn along the side. I hate weaving in ends. I really hate it.

  6. Nope, never had an LYS dream and probably never will. Don’t spend a whole lot of time in them; everything seems so expensive when you can spin your own! Well, that and eBay. The vast majority of my needles came from eBay, too.

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