Seven little monkeys

Sorry about the long time no post thing. Knit Night gets me so high, then I come back to reality and the very next day is always a hard crash. Plus, I can’t talk about Knit Night this time because…. people are reading. They will find out what I did. Don’t worry, it was a good thing. But since it was a giftknit, I can’t do the reveal yet. Grr!

QUILTwise I have entered the final stages of the T-shirt quilt. Granted, the woman I started making this for a mere 15 months ago now hates me, but I am going to finish this in time for her to give it to her daughter for Christmas. Sigh. Won’t she be surprised. I think this is the end of my quilting-for-hire business, at least until all the kids are in school.

And that reminds me, I’m swatching for gauge on the Packer hat. As soon as I get gauge I will be able to map out the pattern in my mind. I may actually write it down, too.

Meanwhile it’s a slogalong on a couple of scarves. And quilting (and some machine piecing) on two small quilts.

But the big thing today (other than the departure of Mr. Beth for Los Angeles on business, yet again) is the arrival of my cousin and his family. We haven’t seen them since, I don’t know, summer 2006? They have three kids that dovetail in ages with mine. They are coming in the afternoon, and staying for dinner and overnight as they visit friends in the Badger State.

That means that tonight, the three of us will be tucking in seven kids. I wonder how that’s going to work?

P.S. Check out the website for the new embellishment magazine, Make It Mine. This is so cool, and published by the company I used to work for, at another hobby magazine. The time is so right for this one!

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  1. Don’t you hate not being able to talk about the giftknits?! I gotta start knitting for people who don’t know I have a blog. 🙂

    A group with seven little monkeys in it is always fun!

  2. Hey, Beth! Best of luck for getting the monkeys in bed before you all collapse! Hopefully by now you have.

    Stealth knitting bites, doesn’t it? At least for blogging purposes.

    BTW, stop by (if you see this comment before noon tomorrow) and enter my birthday blog contest!! Come with a quotation or favorite poem….

  3. Seven little punkins! Ah, but think of the Divine Quiet when they’re all gone and the Big People can enjoy a nice cuppa and a conversation using words of more than one syllable {grin} I promise I won’t tell you-know-who about the red-and-white you-know-what you knitted for him. All I can say is, MY four-legged babies don’t get fancy knitted things. Hmmmm…but you know, I bet I could manage a couple of mice by Christmas!

  4. Hey Beth, thanks for the shout-out! We’re in the thick of issue two of Make It Mine already. I heard about the move “south” through the grapevine. Hope all is well. You’re bookmarked now!

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