Nothing to see here, Part Deux

Yes, we still have no pictures. Which is not a bad thing considering everything I’m working on right now is a gift for someone, and I can neither talk about it in detail nor reveal a picture of it.

[Picture update: I got out my digital camera last week to take progress shots of the T-shirt quilt. Not enough battery power to turn it on. Now where are those spare lithium batteries I had with me in July? I dunno.]

So, right now I’m working on a giftknit s—f, I have another s—f to work on in the car, Tyrone is still stalled, and I am still swatching for the Packer h-t. (I told you I was slow.) My mind is mostly on the 3-4 q—ts I also have to finish up.

But my cousin and his family did get here, and we did manage to get 7 kids bedded down at a reasonable time, considering. (No thanks to Jack, of course, but that’s par. He’s up until he’s out, and he’s out until he’s up again, and that’s just the way it is.) The kids were gleeful psychos all evening since they haven’t seen each other since the summer of aught-six, which is beyond memory for all of them. They dovetail nicely: Their first boy, my first boy, their next boy, my girl, their girl, my next boy, my last boy.

Tomorrow morning it will be chaos all over again, so I need to take advantage of this Prime Knitting Time (every minute left before midnight). So see-ya later, and send some extra mojo if you have some lying around. ‘Kay?

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  1. Definitely no extra mojo here, but being the awesome cyber-friend that I am, I am sending you a portion of what I need. It will give me an excuse to find my inner starchy root vegetable more than usual. And if Hunky Husband asks why I’m prostrated across the sofa, moth agape with just the tiniest line of drool falling from the left corner of my mouth, I will say I gave it up for Beth and am plum tired because of it. That will confuse him sufficiently to shut him up and all will be well in the world until mojo reaches homogeneity once again.

  2. {grin} Love to send you some mojo, but it’s in the bottom of my knitbag under three scarves (NOT upcoming gifts); startings and yarn for six toques (the holiday gift one’s in my lap); a few books, odd patterns, bottle o’ lotion and assorted effluvia of the craft. But I’m going to need a wee drappie myself soon so if I can dig out I’ll send over some….

  3. OMG, what’s happened to all the mojo?! I can’t spare any either. It’s all I can do to keep Christmas Gifty #4 moving along. Not because I don’t adore the recipient, but because there is some kind of Mojo Vacuum out there! Quick, someone hit the “reverse” switch on it…

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