Blog broke, make blog go!

Thanks to Mr. Beth who just called to tell me that all he could see on my blog was his guest post with his review of Perilla. When I checked it out, that’s all I could see, too. And when I clicked on Comments to review my spam, it kicked me out to the same ol’ site view.

At last I got into Akismet kind of sideways, deleted the usual stupid but innocuous looking spam comments, and ta dah, site restored.

No clue why. Hope it sticks.

So, as long as I’m here…. all the puppy Tstocking needs is some Kitchener on the paw, and then I’m going to pick up stitches at the top of the Tstocking and knit a white faux mohair cuff in stockinette, which I’ll turn down. (I know I could have done this differently, but I didn’t think of that until after I got started.)

Then I need to hustle on to the rest of the Christmas knits and quilts.

I am stalled on the T-shirt quilt again, but I did wash and dry the backing material. I even got a letter from the woman I’m making the quilt for. She’s probably quite upset at how long this is taking me to do. I started with the best of intentions and should have pushed through and gotten it done in a couple of months. Instead it has dragged on for over 14 months and I am pushing to get it to her before Christmas. She does not know this, because I am afraid to open her letter and I don’t dare call her. I just want to finish the project, now that I have all the materials. (And her mailing address!)

My other work avoidance is the craft store directory. I don’t know how I’ll make the time to work on this, but I simply must. I truly believe it will get a grand reception all across the state, but it is going to be a LOT of work. Now I know why Crazy Aunt Purl kept her bookwriting under wraps. It’s tough to not be getting it done when everyone knows you’re supposed to be working on it. I hope that putting it out there, a little bit, will be creating the kind of pressure I need.

Time to go see what everyone else’s blogs look like. I wonder if they’re all featuring reviews of Perilla? Pretty sneaky, Harold.

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  1. I had a bunch of wonky stuff with my blog too — and it’s a different platform! Could the knitting gods be mad at us for some reason???

  2. The only wonky thing at my blog is me. 🙂

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