Death to geek knitting mojo

I had a brilliant idea a couple days ago, Ah-tell-yew-what. I had just finished the giftknit for my brother, and came up with Version 2.0b, which would have utterly surpassed it in geekiness. It involved something like five or six cables across 40 stitches, the center of which would have spelled out a secret message in Morse Code.

Once again, I got all jazzed, and this time I got out the paper and pencil and started working it all out. How many to cast on, where the mirroring cables were, how they were flanked by twisted-stitch minicables, calculating the rows needed for the secret message and using that number to calculate how often the other cables would cross….. It was a complicated thing of beauty, and I was already writing out the pattern for the ends, then the cabling setup rows.

Then I looked at the yarn I had planned to use for it, and took a moment to ask my son if he wanted a cabled scarf in the yarn with a secret message running up the middle. I showed him the in-progress Irish Hiking Scarf as an example of what it would sortoflooklike.

He said No. (Nicely.)

He wanted a Ravenclaw House Scarf from the Charmed Knits book.

He has mentioned this a couple of times before, so it should have come as no surprise. However, it did a fine job of sucking all the geek knitting mojo right out of the room.

Tracking down and buying the appropriate yarn for that project was the only good thing that happened to me on Thursday (thanks Knitch, I blogrolled you), but still. It’s a bit of a letdown, and between the Ravenclaw scarf and the other things I want to finish before Christmas, I won’t have time to get back to ubergeek knitting until after the holidays.

At which time I have a self-imposed deadline to produce the first draft of a book.

Does anyone make a knitting machine programmable by computer?


Knitwise, I’m ready to start the toe decreases for the Puppy Tstocking. Another IHS repeat. That will probably be it for tonight, pending whatever there is to see on Ravelry. But I’d like to get Ravenclaw started, so I can be working on it when my Eldest isn’t here and he will be utterly surprised to see the FO on Christmas morning.

AND my parents are visiting this week. I have my Dad thinking of how to make a niddy noddy out of fine woods. And a tabletop skein winder, and a Lazy Kate, and a reeler (see Foxfire 2). I sent my parents back to their hotel room with Foxfire 2 (thank you local library), three Richard Schneider books, and three copies of Spin-Off. Perhaps if I infest their brains…..

Mom is almost converted to crochet and quilting. As soon as gardening weather passes, we’ll see.

Editor’s Note: From now on, I’ll use bold for subheads and for Ravelry names. It seems to have sprung up as the way to refer to Ravelrers, and it made sense to me.

And we had frost if not freeze last night. The grass clippings looked like shaved ice. If you decide to comment, include the current temperature! Brr!

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  1. I am with you in the deflated mojo department. Today I shall cast on a silly hat to drown my sorrows. I sought out Knitch a couple of ago – OMG – nice to know a nice little shop is on the way to the zoo:) And on the way to my holiday shopping for tomorrow.:)

  2. Yes, as if you didn’t know already, my mojo is way down. I am working on the sometimes good project/sometimes bad project (all I do is knit the 204 stitch round on size 10 needles over and over and over and over, men’s sweaters, ugh). The good thing is I don’t have to think; the bad thing is I don’t have to think. He didn’t want any froof, just my handspun, men. At least I get to add stripes at around 11″. Ooooh goodie!

    Temperature? You’re kidding, right? Effing November 3rd was 2 degrees below the all-time record high at 92 effing degrees. I’m running away anytime now. Have some beer on hand.

  3. Just wondering…what yarn did you get for the Ravenclaw colors? You are no doubt aware that I’m a Ravenclaw. πŸ™‚ But I’ve had the devil’s own time finding yarn that passes for bronze!

    Save the ubergeek knitting, and use it to reward yourself when you finish all the Christmas knitting! That’s what I’m doing. I just discovered the Lucky K8 fingerless gloves at MagKnits, and I adore them, but I am NOT allowed to cast on till all the Christmas gifts are done. Seriously.

    Current temperature: something like 52 degrees, 1:20pm EST. It’s supposed to get right chilly here in the wilds of Ohio this week, though!

  4. I’ve vowed to complete a sweater for PoKaL with the new knitpicks DPN’s I’ve recently aquired. I thought the new needles would help in the motivation department. Of course this is all a (not so) clever ruse to avoid grading (really blinking bad) papers on The Scarlet Letter. What kind of book are you drafting? Will your husband be able to help you out in the getting it to print portion, or is that already taken care of? (Or are you like me in the. . . “men–gotta love em but don’t need their help” department?

  5. That scarf sound cool! A friend of mine wanted to make one with a hidden braille message…but since the scarf lays mostly over your chest, do you really want to be accosted by folks trying to ‘read you’ all the time? LOL

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