In the pink

Last night I finished the giftknit for my brother. I was so jazzed. I portioned out the knitting on it all day long so I would have just the right amount in the evening. Then, believe it or not, I wove in my ends inmediatamente. Took pictures (still in the camera). Posted on the GeekKnits group in Ravelry.

Today when it was time to take the kids upstairs to the Toy Room for knitting time free play, I took the pink thrift store acrylic and a set of bamboo DPNs to play around with a gauge swatch for mittens. And I found something that works better for me. I usually dread (and put off) casting on for those DPN projects because of the join on the first round of the ribbing, when the stitches aren’t part of a fabric yet. When I’m trying to work out that part, I’m concentrating like it’s brain surgery, and snapping at everybody.

This time I tried the cast-on-in-ribbing trick from the Lily Chin episode of Knitting Gritty, and it was fun and easy. Then I worked back and forth on the DPNs doing 1×1 rib for about an inch, just as if they were single points. When it was time to switch to stockinette, I set up for working in the round, slid one stitch over, knit two together, and away I went (I had mindlessly cast on 17 stitches, so it worked out really well). It produced a split cuff, which, if I can keep this at all, I don’t mind seaming up. It is really just for gauge, so it will most likely be frogged though.

But next time……I might just do this for anything knit in the round with a ribbed edge. It would be a neat trick for gauntlet style gloves, too, and it would mean you could use a pattern that would be tricky to work in the round but easy to knit flat. Linen stitch for example.

Anyway, it’s back to the queue. Puppy Tstocking, Red Scarf, IHS (haven’t managed my repeat schedule lately, so I need to catch up), Tyrone, and whatever else needs to be knitted for Christmas. So naturally my mind is working out which pattern I should follow or modify to make footies from the Waikiki I bought after the horrible trip to the pediatrician.

If you’re wondering what I got done from my big fantasy list yesterday, the answer is….

Uh….nothing, really. Why do you ask?

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  1. That’s an awesome way to cast on in the round! I just had to frog so many rows of David’s recreation of his favorite sweater sweater because I twisted the join. 204 stitches a row, 14 rows completed. Damn.

    I will do it your way from now on, thanks!

  2. Sounds like a cool trick. I’ll try to remember it for the next time I ned it. Who am I kidding? Chances of remembering the details…slim. But maybe I’ll be able to remember the key words and do a google search? Gotta love google!

  3. Neat trick! I’ll have to try it with the thrummed mittens I’ll be casting on for Mum! Thanks for passing it along!

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