While the big dog is away

Mr. Beth is on a business trip all week long in Las Vegas, and I have Big Plans. In fact, every time he has a long trip like this one, I’m almost as bad as on New Year’s with the Impossible Resolutions.

Allow me to do a little brainstorming about what I consider to be on my plate:

Fix the dining room table.
Clear out the remaining packing boxes.
Dye many many skeins of yarn.
Finish at least two knitting projects.
Practice at the spindle(s) and/or wheel until I can make glorious yarn.
Put a quilt in the frame and get it tied and bound.
Make the house clean enough to be proud to show it to my visiting parents, who arrive Saturday.
Keep the laundry moving.
Keep the kitchen neat and clean.
Get all the clothes put away.
Work on quilts I want to finish by Christmas.
Get box springs for the two twin beds upstairs.
Get the insurance claim started on the ruined roof (now fixed).
Pay the bills.
Optimize my blog photos.
Upload pre-Ravelry pictures to Flickr.
Document my current projects.
Cast on for Yet Another Secret Project.
Toilet train the three-year-old (“The Defiant One”).
Dehair the rest of the llama fiber.
Work on the book I’m planning to self-publish next year.

If I keep this up, I’ll barely have time to replace the CV joint in the minivan, pick up all the maple leaves by hand, and trim the lawn with the nail clippers. Oh yes, keep in mind I have maybe three hours all to myself to work on these things, IF the kids go to sleep as planned.

Does anybody else do this? I am so hoping everyone else does this.

Excuse me, it’s time for a beer.

(Oh yeah, the fast-track project is so close to done I made myself stop knitting on it to prolong it for one more day, and I did more on Red Scarf. Even if Cathy-Cate couldn’t come by to see what I did with her old yarn. So there.)

Spam of the Day

I haven’t done this in a while, but this one made me laugh out loud when I saw it at the top of the Spam Bucket. Carefully edited to (hopefully) avoid attracting more of the same.

Free @n@l se% with sp@nking story!

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  1. OH yes! For a few years there, DH travelled to NY often – toward the end for 1-3 weeks a month. (He was caring for his darling parents, of blessed memory). I looked forward to the Time Alone and made two-column lists too – they included eating shrimp and lamb chops, which he doesn’t like and I adore. I HAD no excuse of little children, mind. Most of what I did involved knitting and reading – while my lists all involved sorting, cleaning, purging, dusting, and writing. He’s home all the time now and I make those lists when he goes on his daily three-hour walks. Only now I sit reading blogs instead of doing what I should. No discipline, I have no discipline.

  2. I’ve decided that if I congeal (it’s not just for gelatin) all the time I spend staring into space thinking about what I need to do and actually do something with that time, I would get my-list-is-as-long-as-your-list list done or at least severely shortened.

    PS- Tyrone is finished other than the final wash and block. Na na na na na. (I don’t know why I am being immature and goulish; blame it on that damned candy corn song tht won’t get out of my head. The horror.)

  3. Ooo Eeee! Now that’s a list. Kinda like mine. Mr. Bee is away at Rockford this weekend! I take it we won’t be seeing your shining face at Knit Night? šŸ˜¦

  4. Hahaha.
    You did too good of an editing job – I had to read the sentence three times before I could figure out what it said!
    (Rank me “useless” at replacing an “@” with an “a”.)

    Happy knitting,
    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

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