Fast tracked knitting

Boy, I wouldn’t have believed this, but my new project came out of nowhere and is zooming past everything else on the needles in its urge to be done first. I don’t mind because it’s my brother’s Christmas present and it’s a really fun knit. In fact, it’s just about halfway done and I only started a couple of days ago. A new Knit Speed Record for me!

I’m even keeping on task with my IHS repeats, then switching to giftknit mode and blazing away. Of course I also knit on it during the day when the kids are playing in the Toy Room, and I took it with me last night to have something to do before the first of two parent-teacher conferences.

AND I got a box full of yarn to make something for my mother. I sent her a clipping of yarn I bought at the thrift store, and she took it from one craft store to another until she figured out what it was, and bought three more skeins. Good job Mom! Your detective work will be repaid with handknitting.

The yarn arrived yesterday, along with replacement clamps my dad made for my quilt frame. Yes, it’s time to resume my double-threat status. I have four quilts that come to mind right away as needing to be finished as soon as humanly possible. Of course, none of them will get to stay in this house after they’re done — they are all gifts. But after they get done I can start working on ones that will.

So far, so good, plus I might get a visit from Hither and Yarn author Cathy-Cate in the next couple of days. We’ll just keep our needles crossed, shall we? Maybe I should have her photograph and post all my projects on her blog. Naah, that would be cheating. But it sure would be nice to see another knitter instead of (still) my kids. Remind me again why they don’t have any school today or tomorrow?

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  1. Have you gotten your STR shipment? Are you part of the STR sock club? (I thought you were for some reason)

    Let me know, I’m looking to swap band sayings

  2. I dunno, but it must be a statewide conference thing. Mine is out as well. I don’t have to stay home with the kids though, I just get to pay an extra 50 bucks in childcare this week.

    good job on the new project!

    And I say, Isn’t it about time you just dump all your old photos and start fresh? haha!

  3. Cathy-Cate and Beth in the same room. Dang. I don’t know which of them to envy most.

  4. Looks like the stars are in alignment! Look for me on your farmhouse doorstep Saturday, if convenient.
    Hey, I’ll take pictures and post them, then you can link to them; why not?? My friend Lee was only kind of kidding when she said that I should have a “Friends” page for all their projects. (Hmm, reminds me, I have blocking pictures of her shawl.) You can bet the camera’s coming with me!
    Yah, it’s the WEAC convention. The entire state school system shuts down for two days.

  5. Oh – New Jersey has the same thing. Actually they barely have any school at all the month of November – it’s sort of impossible to hold a job if you have a kid in school. It was officially called NJ education month, but because of the number of days canceled (they did not have one full week of classes the entire month) I used to call it NJ NO education month.

    Now Beth – aren’t you going to post the lovely UFO photos I mailed you? And for the person whose mother said she had a UFO from the 70’s, both of the photos I sent were from projects that started in the 60’s. They are a true giggle. As I said to Beth, the mystery isn’t why I didn’t finish them, the mystery is why I started them at all! I have several other embarrassments from the same era, but my husband is rebelling at photographing them.

  6. […] So I’ll check back in Sunday, I expect. Look for some current photos of Beth’s projects! […]

  7. Do share what this super-fast knit is for your brother! Don’t we all love (relatively) instant gratification? I haven’t cast on a new project since getting back from the women’s retreat, and it’s starting to take a toll on my psyche. Must wind some yarn into balls TODAY….

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