We have a winner!

All hail blogless Elaine, who tells the tale of a UFO that’s celebrating its silver anniversary! Pictures and words are coming to me soon of her sweater-in-pieces. For her quarter century of angst she wins a Wisconsin yarny prize package and the chance to hijack this blog and tell her story at a date in the near future. Congratulations Elaine!

Thanks to everyone who owned up about their UFOs! (Some of you made mine feel very young… on the other hand, I haven’t been knitting much more than two years, and did you notice my oldest UFO was about a year and a half? Shhh!)

Ah…..it was a pretty good weekend for knitting. Mr. Beth sent me off to Knit Night at the Sow’s Ear, where Dale-Harriet and I once again nearly had to be kicked out of the place. She thinks we may have been neighbors in 1780, and I suspect she’s right. There’s no other way to account for it. I met up briefly with cowgirlpurl and got friended by lotuscat as soon as I ordered my sandwich. (Ain’t Ravelry grand when it intersects with Real Life?)

I got to chug away on Luke’s stocking and found out I really love two-color Fair Isle. I have since finished the heel flap on that one. In other knitting work, I’ve done my nightly repeats on the Irish Hiking Scarf and have now finished 39 repeats. That second skein is going down quickly. Now Mr. Beth wants a matching sweater! ๐Ÿ™‚

What else have I been working on? Oh yes, the Secret Knitting Project for which I will need to dye some yarn this week. And I just got to 51% of the Red Scarf, so I’ll have to update its progress in my Ravelry notebook. I set up a quilt frame (all the parts I still have, anyway, thank you Jack) so I can finish up some of those UFOs. But that’s a whole freaking different post.

And yes, yes, I will have to do something about the picture situation on this blog. I totally agree with you.

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  1. If you get a free Flickr account and upload pictures to Flicr, you can click on “view all sizes” above a picture and look down below the picture, where Flickr gives you HTML that you can copy and paste into your blog posts. If you do that, Flickr hosts the pictures, not WordPress, so it doesn’t cost you any bandwidth — it’s just basically a link to outside. Will this solve your picture woes?

  2. Gee, Ruth, that sounds intriquing; I have Serious Picture Problems too! Oh, Beth, ain’t we got fun? (And I’m going to have to try one of those sammiches next time we’re at the Ear, I can tell you!) Congrats to Elaine, too (I have NO idea how old my UFOs are, which is embarrassing to a fault.) And have you noticed? “Cold front moving in”….keep those needles flying, comrades!

  3. Oooo! I was so sorry to miss out on Knit Night. I will be there on the 2nd though! With bells on!

  4. well, well, WELL! UFOness reigns. My Eldest UFO (she says, in a shamfaced whisper) somehow… dunno how… SOMEhow is missing. Possibly allowed to become lost in a real-life disaster move, but Nobody is Talking. The thing dated from about 1986, and somehow it’s better off wherever it may be… But my delightful Miss Flora now did somehow come up with a darling Kitty Pi bed, knitted in the round and felted to a fairtheewell.

    Have another bite of Trader Joe’s Ocumara darrrrk chocolate!

  5. Congratulations, Elaine! And Beth, thanks for hosting this contest; I feel much, much better about my four-and-a-half year old unfinished blanket. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe when it gets good and cold, I’ll drag it out and work on it…hahahahaha…

  6. As I wrote to Beth when she informed me that I had won – I am so excited about winning. Now won’t my 92 year old mother be proud of me about winning a contest for being a slug!

    Actually, I just recalled that I have a couple of older UFO’s (although not knitting). There was the granny square rug I was making out of rug yarn in the 60’s. I even think I know where that one is (and you thought I was old based on having a 25+ year old UFO – this one is more like 40+ years old and gathering dust in my closet) and then from the same era I have a pillow I started using crewel embroidery sort of stitches, all in fisherman knit off white rug yarn on a mesh backing. Now where could that be? I’ll see what I can find and photograph for your viewing (and laughing) pleasure. Oh wait, I just remembered several other 25+ year old knitted UFOs like the 2-sided ruana which was a poncho like thing. That’s been on the floor of the bedroom closet for at least 30 years … Geez, now I’m getting embarrassed. Maybe I should send some photos of some FO to show that I do finish lots of things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I really do finish most of my projects – I’ve literally knit hundreds of sweaters over the years.

  7. My mother (who has my blog on bloglines!) owned up to a UFO that dates to the late 70s (a cable/lace sweater she was making for me that had recurrent gauge problems), and probably older ones. But it was up to her to enter your content, she could have if she wanted!
    I am determined to reclaim my 15-year-old UFO!

    Hey, Beth, I am going to be coming to Madison Friday morning with basically a free day (the eldest daughter is singing in a Middle School Honors Choir; rehearsals Friday, performance Saturday, but we don’t see her Friday at all). I think I *must* stop by the Sow’s Ear; I am SO bummed that it’s not a Knit Night!! It would have been great to meet you and Dale-Harriet if you were there! Any other places you know of in the Madison area that are must-sees? Email me!

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