Bring out your undead: A UFO Contest

Today’s the day, Post #200, and the kickoff of the Chocolate Sheep Oldest UFO contest.

Allow me to begin with a confession. I took the Knitting Daily UFO survey the other day. My answer was “5.” As soon as I left the survey I thought of one more project I should have included. Okay, 6. Not so bad. But last night…. I made an Actual Written List and found the answer was really NINE. How bad that is depends on whether you’re thinking “original answer plus four” or “almost double the original answer.”

Anyway. Here are my UFOs. After you read about mine, tell me about yours, along to a link to a blog post about your oldest UFO. Only link to your oldest, not to each/all, or I can guarantee you will be getting a trip to the Spam Bucket. (See this post for more on the Spam Wars.)

Number Nine: Packer Hat, still a twinkle in my eye
This is a commissioned item that is in the test phase. After I produce one Packer hat in the goof yarn, I need to make the real thing in wool. I already have the wool, and another current project’s success convinced me this one will be easier than I thought.

Number Eight: Luke’s Christmas Present, conceived 10/14/07
I decided to make the Christmas stocking. I cast on 72 stitches so my circ would be full. It’s going to be wicked huge but it’s so much fun. Right now I’m just playing with two-color Fair Isle until I get to the heel flap.

Number Seven: Secret Knitting Project, conceived 10/11/07
Easy knit, just taking a while and I will have to get more yarn.

Number Six: Red Scarf, conceived 9/19/07
Okay, so I’m slow. I’m almost halfway through and I missed the deadline for the Red Scarf Project, so it will go to someone who isn’t an orphan. Or perhaps I’ll wrap it up nicely until the 2008 deadline.

Number Five: Baby Surprise Jacket, reconceived 8/20/07
For the date on this I’m using the most recent time I cast on. I think I will find myself in good company with this one. I had meant to make two, for twins. Well, those babies have been born already so the urgency is passed. It’s sheer stubbornness (and not knowing what to do with yarn that is, well, so magenta) that keeps this sitting on the needles. With no actual knitting, just 160 cast-on stitches.

Number Four: Tyrone sweater, conceived 8/15/07
I got Tyrone up to where the sleeves are attached and the raglan decreases are starting. It needs some think time, as it’s tough to get the needle tips in the right position to knit. More experienced knitters assure me it’s just an awkward phase.

Number Three: Salt & Pepper Sock, conceived 6/19/07
I’m dating this one from the day its mate was cast off. At this point I’m scared to look in the project bag and find out I took the dpns out… because if I truly liberated the needles I might not be able to figure out which size I used. Uh-oh.

Number Two: Irish Hiking Scarf, conceived 3/6/07
I’m still working on this one, I swear! About a repeat every other night. And I like the pattern enough that I’ll probably start another one as soon as this one is done.

And the Number One oldest UFO at my house is….

Elizabeth Zimmermann Moccasin Socks from Knitting Around.
Conceived probably in 2006 but I can’t find an exact date. I got to the heel flap work, couldn’t figure out what the hell she meant, and set them aside. They aren’t even in the Active Knitting basket any more, so became Forgotten About.

That’s it for me, what about you? I will take comment-entries all weekend and announce a winner on Monday. Happy Knitting and shoot down those UFOs!

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  1. Braaaaiins! Oops, wrong undead. Sorry. Here is a link to my July 20 post, which lists all of my UFO’s as of that date. The big green blanket is still my oldest UFO: started March or April of 2003. Four and a half years!

    Please do not send me to the Spam Bucket, thank you. 🙂

  2. Since I am a “have not” (meaning blog-less), I’ll just tell you that my oldest UFO is a sheep puppet I started Easter weekend 2007. It just needs a head, but one of my dogs stepped on my knitting bag and broke one of the size 1 dpn’s. So, it’s just waiting, without a picture either. And, it’s just not THAT old yet.

  3. Mine is a project started when I gave birth to my now 5.5 year old son. It’s a fairisle sweater from Philosopher’s Wool. I promised myself I’d finish it by year’s end. I may actually make it! I’m on the last button band. It langored in my knitting box and was taken out, worked on zealously for a while, then placed back at the bottom to wait. Sometimes for over a year! LOL!

  4. I’m a “have-not” also, but I just had to let you know that my oldest UFO is a sweater that I started in April of 1991 – yes that’s 16 years plus a few months! How sad is that.

  5. Here’s a link to today’s post
    with my UFO tally on it (though I just thought of at least one more that’s not on there), and a photo of my oldest UFO, just a little younger than Kirs’ at fifteen years and some.
    It’s a sad story….

  6. Ok, now I can’t claim any long time UFO status. I JUST FINISHED THE SWEATER!!!! 🙂 *doing the happy dance*

    Now, what to work on? No more cast ons until I finish some other UFOs. Only 10 or so in the knitting basket 😉

  7. I am blogless in NJ, but I definitely win the oldest UFO contest. I have been knitting since I’m 5 years old, and my daughter is a junior in college and I wasn’t a teenage mother.

    I keep my yarn stash in the attic and don’t ask about what I have there. I recently went digging in my very very disorganized stash. Well I came across some sweater shards (as in pieces) that I began over 25 years ago. I was in London and bought some Patricia Roberts cotton. It was lovely and cost an arm and a leg. I started a sweater with a very complex pattern and then I got very busy with other things so I put it aside for awhile. I just came across it about a week ago. Of course the pieces I’ve knit are now much too small for me, so I am thinking that I might offer to finish it for my daughter, but I am afraid it is not “her” at all.

    Sigh, sigh, sigh,

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