Post 199

Okay, folks, time draws near…. time to haul out your UFO’s and see whose is the oldest. I think I have listed my little rules a couple of times already, so just search the last few posts if you don’t remember.

On post 200 I will list my own UFOs and their likely birthdays. I will do my best to be honest!

Today’s knitting has so far only consisted of the Secret Knitting Project, so I can’t say much. But I did do one repeat of the IHS last night, and even two episodes of Remington Steele didn’t screw me up.

Off to the airport to pick up Mr. Beth….. hmm, what shall I knit in the car on the way back?

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  1. “knit in the car on the way back…” sounds SO familiar! I generally drive to the Museum so that Mr Dearling can walk home if he likes – but I love it when he drives so I can knit. Soooo – you want me to dig out UFOs? Sheesh, I dunno, I’m not sure I even remember when I started most of them. I have about 1″ on my Baby Surprise jacket; then I got hung up, confused, befuddled…{sigh} OK, Ms. Chocolate Sheep, I’ll give it a shot :laughing:

  2. OOOH! I was FIRST! {beaming all over myself}

  3. Hey, does it have to be a knitting UFO? Because my very oldest UFO is crochet. But I can probably dig out a fairly elderly knitting one, if I have to… πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm, my oldest UFO is almost done! It’s only 5 years old though πŸ˜‰

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