A couple of advantages

…to not being able to post new pictures yet….

It sure is easy to work on Secret Projects! And about that We Shall Speak No More.

It forces me to concentrate on my writing and my word choice.

It makes me wait for Something Worth Writing About to happen before I post.

Usually. Right now I’m just trying to move forward to post 199. This happens to be post 197. So peek into your knitting basket and figure out the birthdays of your UFOs. On post 200, as I mentioned before, comment with a link to your oldest UFO. Oldest project wins some Wisconsin swag — local yarn or a made-by-me knitting bag. Plus a couple of the usual-type goodies I like to throw in.

So, what am I up to? A Secret Knitting Project, the Red Scarf, and measuring for mittens. It’s getting cold up here, folks — a few days ago we went from a high of 86 to a high of 49 with a 40 percent chance of rain. I do have the scarves I knitted last/previous year for the kids to wear, but they need mittens, too. And it seems a shame to be sitting on Yarn Mountain, in the middle of Needle Forest, and have kids waiting for the bus with cold hands. Yesterday I took hand measurements for the Wonder Twins and myself. Still have to swatch in the round to see what gauge I’m getting with my thrift store yarn.

And here’s a question…what would you knit for a growing puppy for Christmas? My brother and his [knitting] girlfriend have adopted a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. I haven’t seen him, but my mother reports that he’s the size of a small bear. I want to knit something cute for him (NOT a felted bed!) but I’m not sure what. Actually, I do have an idea, but I don’t think it’s as good as yours. So, what would you knit for the big lug?

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  1. A bandanna!! Totally knit and felt (or knit tightly) a bandanna. All dogs look cute in a bandanna and there’s the added benefit of not having to worry (too much) about size. You could even intarsia some of those little bandanna squigglies into the thing.

  2. Mea beat me to it! My parents have a drawer full of bandannas that their dog wears instead of a collar; they tie his ID tag onto it, and off he goes. (To nap on the couch. He’s an elderly puppy.) 🙂 A bandanna would be really cute!

  3. What to knit a Bernese Mountain Dog? How about a felted back-pack type thing (panniers) they can strap to him when they take him for a walk? He’s going to be a BIG dog and he’s pretty hairy so no need for a sweater. And putting clothes on dogs is just so wrong.

  4. My kids are mittenless as well. I realized this only yesterday when Little Miss came home with “dress warmer for recess” written in her assignment notebook by the teacher.

    I can’t think of anything else to knit for the dog that wouldn’t be destroyed in 1 day. A Bandanna of sorts would be cute. I-cord leash? HA!

  5. Here’s some ideas, like a bandanna pattern and a jingle bell holiday collar:
    Or I found a felted tug toy that sounded quite possible and could use up bits of leftover feltable yarn:
    I don’t think a Bernese needs a sweater, I agree….
    The pannier idea is a fun one! You could just make two felted purses, basically, and attach them to straps of some sort (webbing belts come to mind).

  6. I hve seen some realy cute knit leash patterns – maybe knit and felted – or a felted stuff bone or something – sweet puppy!

  7. I was thinking “I would never knit something for my own dog, much less someone else’s” because of the longevity factor — you know, I’d like something to be used longer than it took to knit it? Then I read everyone else’s ideas and thought there were some good ones! I especially like the panniers….

  8. Awww! Bermese Mountains are one of my favorite breeds! I suggest a Christmas stocking with his name on it. He’ll need it when Santa comes and he will outgrow anything else-those puppies get HUGE!

  9. How about a felted chew-bone?


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