Still reeling

Knit Night was awesome. (Gee, can you tell I was an English major?) The Sow’s Ear was packed and rockin’ when I got there. There were even knitters on the porch!

It was all pretty overwhelming, and when you go into a busy packed place like that when they’re celebrating, you always feel like an outsider, a party crasher, an interloper. The kind of feeling that makes you retreat to the yarn wall and pretend to browse, all the time wondering, where the heck is the wine, anyway?

Lucky for me Molly Bee tracked me down and I scored a chair in what turned out to me Knitblogger’s Row. Between Molly and S.A.B.L.E. and Dale-Harriet and her daughter the Lovely Mary, I was in heaven and gradually I got brave enough to go up and get a piece of cake. (Still didn’t see the wine, though everyone else seemed to have some.)

I can’t even begin to describe the evening. It was loud with talk at first, then later in the evening as the younger/louder knitters left, the conversation was punctuated with the distinct sound that wooden sock needles make when they strike a well-polished wooden floor. The colors of the yarns and FO’s on the wall as a customer art show were intoxicating.

Some of you know I taught myself to knit from a book, and have rarely seen real live people actually knit. Everyone here was knitting. Everyone. At the same time. While talking and eating and drinking and laughing and…. I thought my head would explode.

I stayed in my chair and nibbled at my veggies-and-dip, and cranked out inches and inches of my Wonder Skein Bias Scarf, feeding off everyone else’s conversational energy. Had a little root bear, hoarded a piece of chocolate chunk biscotti, knit a little more. Listening and listening.

Molly Bee had to leave just a few minutes after I got there, but she did introduce me to Dale-Harriet. I think it was love at first sight and we are already trying to work out future meetups. I would adopt her but I think both my mother and Lovely Mary would think that was kind of unnecessary.

One of the best parts of the evening came after the young-un’s took off (pikers!) and the knitting conversation regularly included “Elizabeth,” she-who-should-need-no-introduction. It was wonderful and I was so glad I already “knew” Elizabeth. Whether the knitter liked or disliked a particular pattern of hers, “Elizabeth” was always spoken of with reverence — not as a god or goddess, but the way you would refer to a beloved, wise friend. Which, of course, is what she is.

Otherwise over the weekend:

  • Celebrated my BIL’s birthday (my son informed said BIL that he is “catching up” to me. Thanks honey)
  • Received a handknit sweater (a regift, and it’s not knit by anyone we know, but still, it fits perfectly and somebody handknit it)
  • Got more boxes stored in the basement
  • Reorganized some rooms
  • Watched the Packers game (and of this We Shall Speak No More)
  • Knit enough of the Wonder Skein Bias Scarf that I can feel the end in sight
  • Got our tickets for They Might Be Giants’ Milwaukee show (!!!!!!!!!)

I’m still enjoying playing on Ravelry. If you’re not addicted enough, try this: Click on Forums, then on the Radar tab. And don’t blame me!

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  1. I only just realized it: I also taught myself to knit from a book and have rarely seen real-live people knitting. I’ve talked to real-live people about knitting, but we were never actually knitting at the time…I should totally find a knitting circle. Sounds like you had a great evening!

    Say, when can we get some pictures round here? I wanna see that Wonder Skein scarf, and maybe Tyrone and IHS. 🙂

  2. It was great to meet you Friday! Now that you’re practically in the neighborhood, we’ll have to bump into each other again.

  3. Oh. No. You. Didn’t! just point out that new Radar tab to me. Sweet love of ravelry – now I will really not be able to tear myself away!

    Glad you had a good time at the event!

  4. Wow, you met Dale-Harriet in person. Surreal but true. If you can’t adopt her, maybe she can adopt you.

    (Rhyme entirely fortuitous.)

    This all sounds incredibly exciting and stimulating; I’m glad for you.

    As for your insidious remarks abotu Ravelry – I ain’t clickin’ on NOTHIN’ until after Rh*n*b*ck, which I just realized is N*XT W**K. So vade retro, Satana.

  5. “abotu.”


    Need more coffee.

  6. Okay – I’m back – I hit the radar button and did you know you can put patterns on your ipod people!?! Beth, if I could leave where I am at right now I would drive down and kiss you!!

    now where the heck is my cord to my ipod?!?

  7. {laughing} Talk about your Rowdy Crowd! And yes – I would adopt you immediate! (Considering the age difference, I think it’d be much better that way – one really SHOULD be older than one’s kids, although there may be cases to the contrary). WHEE!

  8. Just when I thought my iPod couldn’t get any better – patterns? On my iPod?!


    I am NOT joining Ravelry, I am NOT joining Ravelry…

  9. Holy Sh*T – patterns on my ipod? I will thank you later for pointing out this infamous radar tab, when I come up for air. Glad knit night was such a hit, I hope to see you there sometime, you’re soo close. And if we were mentioning the game, I would commiserate…the Bears still suck.

  10. You couldn’t find the alcohol? Who hijacked Beth and put this other outgoing, sociable, lacking-in-winedar person in her place?

    And you’re in love with someone else? Well, I guess David can relax now but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit jealous ;-).

  11. My mom always warned me, because of my own and other family members’ compulsive personalities, that if I ever took a drink I’d be an alcoholic. Well, from what I’ve gathered here and on the Spinning List, Ravelry would present similar dangers so I’m not touching it with a ten-foot pole, no sirree. I have enough time suckers in my life, thank-you-very-much!

  12. I’m glad your head didn’t explode! My internet is back up so I can catch up now. UM. . . . and the “radar” tab. . . freaking fabulous!!

  13. I’m with Michelle. I have avoided Ravelry. The kids would starve, be left at school. It would really be a shame. Patterns on ipods – genius though.

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