More tests

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes for Tom’s recovery. He seems to be doing well (as long as I keep the Tylenol, or is it the codeine?, coming).

Yesterday he even looked up at me and said, clearly, “Mama,” for the first time. So maybe all about Monday is forgiven.

Unfortunately I had to drag him to another hospital today for a blood draw. He must have been wondering what was going to be operated on this time. They gave him a little stuffed moose for being such a good sport. It came in handy for taming Jack more than anything else, who was being a real Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde during the whole visit. We might get results from that test in about a week, just after he gets his stitches out.

No knitting to speak of. Just coping and thinking about fiber and knitting and knitting-related things. Gestating some ideas for little goodies to make and sell from home….

Dyeing update: the butternuts have soaked for 24 hours and I plan to soak them for another 24 before actually dyeing the Merino. I will write everything up as a new page for the site as soon as I clear out room for the pictures.

I will probably take down the Kidlets page too… I recently read about some sick things that sick people are doing with children’s pictures they take from blogs. Not my kids, please. I have noticed lately that at least one person is searching for my blog using my son’s full name as the search term, which bothered me. I don’t want to stop calling them by their real names, but I might have to do that if people keep showing what I feel to be unnatural interest in my children. It’s a sick world, and I have to do what I have to do.

SO. If you’re looking for my blog, trying searching for Chocolate Sheep. If you’re looking for pictures of small children, try the video store off the interstate.

That reminds me, here’s the Spam Filter Snag of the Day:

If you want do delete your site from our spam bases – just email us with domain of your site:

Yeah, sure, I’ll get right on that.

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  1. I’m glad to hear Tom’s doing well! Hope he’ll be all recovered soon, cruising around and throwing leftover balls of yarn all over the place… 🙂

    Ooh, are you doing natural dyes? Sounds fun. I’m a fan of the Kool Aid, but I could be talked into brewing up some flowers or vegetables or something.

  2. Someone keeps finding my site using ‘lovely preteen’. Ewwww.
    There’s one even grosser search that I won’t go into here.
    I don’t use my kids’ or my husband’s name, because evidently there are just weirdos out there.
    But today, I posted my mother-in-law’s full name (she passed away a few years ago) on purpose. Because I was trying to research something about her, and I Googled her name, and no correct results at all. Not even her obituary. It was rather sad, for such a remarkable woman especially. So now, if one Googles her name, she shows up in my blog (I just checked).
    The other side of the name/blog coin…

    Hope the littlest Mr. is bouncing around again in no time. And that unpacking and settling in is proceeding forward….

  3. Yuck. Yuck, yuck, YUCK! (Weirdos, that is, not you or anything relating to you!)

  4. yech – that is a bit scary! Hope your lad is bouncing around happily again soon.

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