Knit 1, Crochet 2

I had alluded a couple of times to Tom having to have surgery. It’s in a private area (and seems to be all fixed now, probably) so I won’t go into details on the blog.

It was a long day yesterday, taking all 3.5 hours to drive to the hospital for our various check-ins. The surgery started a little late and ran a little late, but all went well. Another 3.5 hours later after time in the recovery room, and we got home in time to put everyone else to bed.

While I sat in the waiting room (and because I was the only family member, I was not allowed to leave) I cast on and knitted a bias scarf with the Wonder Skein. It’s only 20 stitches wide (I wish now I had made it a little wider) so it just cranked. I now have 17 inches of scarf.

I didn’t look up a lot… just kept to myself and listened to whatever was playing on TV Land (Bonanza and Gunsmoke). A couple times I did look across the room. I was startled to see a woman cranking out a blue and green afghan. That crochet hook was flying! After she left, another woman sat and crocheted with some baby-girl-pastel kind of yarn, but I couldn’t tell what she was making.

We’re recovering all week, and need to go back next week to have the stitches taken out. It’s going to be pretty busy, but I will try to get some Flickr pictures up, and work on my Ravelry notebook. I hope that will make up for the lack of pictures here.

Oh yeah — I get to go to Knit Night at The Sow’s Ear this Friday! I have been looking forward to visiting this LYS/cafe for over a year. See you there, Molly Bee — anyone else?

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  1. Hope everything goes well with recovery. Thank goodness we have our knittingcrocheting to keep us preoccupied when we have to make trips to the hospital. I used to quilt a lot, but it wasn’t the easiest hobby for a busy running around with kids kind of craft.

  2. I’m glad the wee one came through his surgery alright. Wow, that’s a lot of driving; I bet you’re exhausted. Here’s to his continued recovery and to his parts staying on the straight and not-narrow.;-)

  3. Glad everything turned out ok at the hospital. Surgeries of any kind are always a little scary. Can’t wait to see you Friday!

  4. Was he at CHOW? We were there yesterday getting an Ultrasound and Urology appt. for Peanut Pants. I hope your little guy is feeling his usual self soon!!! What’s your username on Ravelry? I’m dying to meet up there.

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