Ten to go to 200

Hey…. since I just mailed a prize package to Michelle at Boulderneigh (after lo these many days… sorry), that means it’s time to announce another contest. My two hundredth post is coming up, and I know how we all love contests.

The prize: your choice of Wisconsin fiber/yarn (sheep or alpaca or llama), or a custom knitting bag made by yours truly. We can work out the details later.

How to enter: On post 200, send me a link to a picture of your oldest UFO. Be brave, little soldier. We’ll all take a look at it and sympathize. I will call post 199 something terribly creative like “Post 199” so you’ll know when it’s time to let the skeletons out of the bottom of your knitting basket. Oldest UFO wins, so please tell us when you started the project.

Who is eligible: Every knitter on planet Earth. Don’t be shy!

Meanwhile…. if I have been absent from my blog (have I?) it’s because I’ve been at Ravelry checking things out. I need to take a bunch of stash pictures and update my notebook tonight after the kids go to bed, but I did stumble on a “library” feature where I can show you some of the knitting books on my home shelf. You can only add what Ravelry already has in its database, and searching is not very AI, but I came up with a lot of things they already knew about. I wonder what you’ll be able to do with this feature when it’s fully enables. These girls are seriously clever.

Knitwise I have done just about squat. I worked on Red Scarf for a few rows after the kids woke us up rather explosively at just after 6am today (nobody was sick, they just thought it was time to get up — wrong). Big Tom himself got really sick on Friday night but seems to be all done with it, so he’s probably still on for surgery on Monday.

So I’ll have to kick butt on the IHS before I start my Ravelry time. That site has so many undiscovered features, I’m beginning to think that having a kitchen timer next to the computer might be the only way to keep my life in balance. But before I do that, I need to find a photo that truly represents my Chocolate Sheep identity. Any ideas?

A shout out to Mr. Beth, who is attending the Milwaukee Brewers game with his brother. If you see a crowd shot along the first-base line, and think you see a friendly biker sitting next to Corey Hart, congratulations, you found them! And go Cerveceros!

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  1. Is Mr. Beth the friendly biker or Corey Hart? And it must be asked whether he wears his sungl…no, I can’t do it. 🙂

  2. Somehow I missed the news that Tom is having surgery! Please fill in the details!

  3. I know what gave you the contest idea. Nothing like setting up your Ravelry notebook to make you feel a little guilty about those UFO’s (it’s also a little motivating to get them to a finihed status).

  4. Hiya, Beth!
    I FINALLY made my way to your blog thanks to Michelle posting it. I hope your “Other Half” is recovering nicely and it goes quickly…I know surgeons aren’t exactly forthcoming with how long recovery does actually take sometimes. Ha, ha!

    I hope you have time to yourself in there somewhere. It can be hard being the one able to take care of the other one – it drove my DH nuts when he had to take the sheep, cats, and me after my recent surgery. He was glad to go back to work to get some rest, but appreciated what I do much more than before. 😉

    Milwaukee Brewers, eh? I haven’t been to one of their games, but have been a Packer-Backer and been to games in the snow in Green Bay as a kid. I still have fond memories of waking in the car on the way to my family’s farm on Washington Island, my Mom driving and just from the smell knew we were on Brown Deer Road. To this day, I love the smell when my DH brews a batch of beer.

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