In like Flynn

I got my Ravelry invite last night. And for those of you who don’t know what Ravelry is, it looks like a cross between a database and a playground. But just for knitters. And crocheters. And spinners. And designers. And maybe more, I was barely there but joined three groups immediately, and friended two knitters who are already on my Blogroll. Feel free to friend me too, I am chocolatesheep. I have to find a profile pic though, right now I look invisible.

I’m really looking forward to putting up my WIPs and my stash and cataloging my needles and all that fun stuff, let alone cruising the forums and sending messages and peeking at what everyone else is doing. (I love the UGH! area, where you can get the details on projects and patterns that just didn’t work out.) There’s a sense of humor and fun to all this that is just great.

If you love the Internet Movie Database, you’ll LIVE at Ravelry. I think there were about 16,000 people (I’m not kidding) in line behind me for invites to the beta site, but it’s worth the wait.

Unfortunately, I don’t think today will be my day to explore it. Colleen was sick Wednesday, and this morning it was Jack who woke up startled to find he had “spit in his bed.” Since Tommy has minor outpatient surgery on Monday, it’s critical to keep him healthy enough so he doesn’t have to be rescheduled. And since I don’t dare leave the house with Sick Jack, my plans to finally visit our new library have floated out the window. No playing at the park, either. (Thank goodness we found the DVD remote a few minutes ago.)

So.  Housework and child care, with emergency laundry moving to the head of the line. Knitting snuck in when nobody is looking. What else is new?

Knitwise I didn’t get to do an IHS repeat last night because I took the time to sew my son’s pack number on his Scout uniform. Glory be, they made a three-digit number into a single patch, and I can’t thank them enough. It still took me forever to sew and the stitches look like cr@p, but at least it’s properly aligned. I did do some knitting on the Red Scarf last night while the kids watched Cars and Mr. Beth watched My Name is Earl and The Office. I ended up with the kids because otherwise they wouldn’t sit still for one of their favorite movies, go figure. I saw the tail end of The Office, just in time to see Steve Carell puke.

Oh — yesterday I did watch most of two episodes of How Clean is Your House?, the BBC sensation that’s “sweeping” the knitting community. It’s tough to watch if you’re sensitive to footage of intense grime or bug infestations, but you definitely learn a lot about how to clean up lots of different messes. And why you shouldn’t let dogs sleep on your phone. Eww!

I have no progress to report on learning to spin, or on combing llama fiber, but next week I plan to use the butternuts to dye some LaurenSpun merino. So I’ve got that going for me.

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  1. Welcome to the playground! 😀 I’m off to add you to my friends list…

  2. Congrats on being a part of the ‘in crowd’. I’m still about 2,200 other knitters from the velvet Ravelry rope. And then I still have to make it past the bouncer! Hope all the chilluns feel better soon! Hang in there!

  3. I hope Ravelry doesn’t kill the knit blog. Boohoo!

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