Is that the end of the tunnel?

This morning I checked my Ravelry number, and it was 810. I just checked again, and it was 650.

Holy cow, here comes the Knitting Train! I’d better pack!

I’ll take my Red Scarf… just got to the end of the first skein and wound up the next one. One skein got me about 16 inches into the scarf, so I’ll use all four. I’ll take the Irish Hiking Scarf… I have been steadily doing one (repeat after me, ONE) repeat a night. Maybe I’ll even take Tyrone along to look carefully at him in leisure. Maybe I didn’t mess him up.

I did decide to frog the Dianne hat. It didn’t look like I wanted it to, anyway. It was supposed to be a copy of the knitted hat worn in Shaun of the Dead. I was very happy with it until we bought the DVD and I got a good look at it… it wasn’t anything like it. Rats.

While I was winding up skeins today, I did the second skein of Crystal Palace Waikiki. Footies here I come, someday soon. I plan to use the Harlot’s basic sock recipe for this one, but I will have to see what my gauge is with this yarn. It’s a thick/thin nylon/cotton blend and I’ve never knit with anything like it. It’s very slippery too. If you have knit with this and have any tips or warnings, don’t be shy, shout out!

Today’s summary: Colleen is at home, sick, and Mr. Beth is sulking because nobody left comments on his restaurant review. Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how was the play?

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  1. Yay!!!! Let me know when you are on, I’ll add you to my friends (bringing my grand total up to 2) There is a Wisconsin knitters group you can join there too. I also joined a Unitarian group and a teacher group. I bet there are others for your interests as well.

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