Un poco de mojo

I got a little bit of my knitting mojo back last night. I took Friday night off, and only wound a couple of skeins for future projects. On Saturday I carried the Red Scarf project around with me but didn’t get to knit more than a couple of rows.

But last night while we were waiting for Tom to start getting sleepy, I laid the Irish Hiking Scarf out and looked at it carefully. Finally I could see that I had in fact done my cable crosses too soon. All I had to do was tink back one right-side row and re-knit it without the crosses. Another wrong-side row, then it was time for the right-side crosses. Done.

Did I got on to do a full repeat? Hell no. I rolled that sucker up and went directly to the Red Scarf, do not pass go.

Today I get some car knitting time. Just to be safe I think I will only take Red Scarf with me. Don’t want to bruise the mojo.

Thanks for all your good wishes! The situation is already improving.

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  1. That, or maybe you’ve just been stunned by the titanic amount of chocolate sources at hand. One way the other, give you joy of your recovered mojo.

  2. Okay, you can back off on that mojo now! I was sitting here ready your latest post and an earthquake shook the house! Yikes!

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