Baby Tsteps

One of the things that really drives me nuts is when people see me with the kids and say hypercreative things like, “WOW!!! FOUR KIDS!!! You must have your HANDS full!!! I don’t know how you get anything DONE!!!!”

I do have my hands full. In fact, I’m major league overwhelmed about 99 percent of the time and look forward to my alone time so much that most of the time, when I do get to it, I’m too wound up (or tired) to take full advantage of it.

And although my standard answer (besides explaining that I ran out of hands a long time ago) is that I can’t quilt at all right now, but at least I can get some knitting done…. well, it takes a lot longer to do the knitting than I expect.

What it would take the Tsarina of Socks to knock off in five minutes is taking me days. Yes, I am still on the toe of the baby tsock. Day Three of the Toe of the Baby Tsock. I changed colors for the toe (to match the cuff) and knitted a decrease round, a plain round, and perhaps another decrease round. I will have to read the knitting closely before I start again. This is really sad, people.

Today’s practical list of Stuff To Do:

* grocery shopping with 3 kids
* get replacement springs for spinning wheel
* monitor Mr. Beth’s flights for three-day business trip
* den meeting tonight (don’t get me started about sewing on Cub Scout patches, I still have to transfer the pack number)

And finish Baby Tsock.

P.S. If you’re waiting for me to tell you about my Ravelry invite, find a new project to keep yourself busy. There are still 4,841 people in line ahead of me. In fact, I’ll probably be on a new project by then too.

Update at 11:20am: Ooh! Now it’s 4,581! They really are speeding up the invites. 

Question for those already Ravelrying: what prep work should the rest of us be doing while we wait for our invites? Taking (and optimizing) stash pictures, what else?

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  1. You are 142 people ahead of me in line.


  2. Oh, but with the new servers at Ravelry, it could be only a matter of weeks! You shoulda peeked when I was there 😛

    Ya – sewing on of badges – I agree. I can’t even find time to find someone else to do it 🙂

    Good luck at the grocery store! Do you spurt out sayings like “Can ya’ll just shut your mouths for 20 seconds to let me make a decision allready!?” and then wonder why people are looking at you like you’re a horrible parent too?

  3. 4,841! Oy! I wish I was 4,842nd in line! I’m 3,596 people behind you! Can you even see me? I’m the one in the Elton John glasses doing the macarana and waving hysterically.I figure if I can scare enough people, I can move up a few spots.

  4. I’d say inventory your needles too. There’s a cool thing you can fill out that keeps track of all your needles. (personally, I don’t have that many so it’s not too bad) I’d also take pictures of projects and see if you can find the yarn info for them like maker, colorway, ect. (Yeah, I know, the “time” thing becomes an issue here) I can’t wait to see you on the WI group when you finally get in. I love the idea of four kids but I have to say that I think my time is running slim. I’m 35 now and with the last little stinker being a c-section, I’m supposed to be waiting until next August (I’ll be 36 then) for a try at number three. BTW: I went to a football game this Friday with PoKaL and it took me a whole 5 minutes to loose him. . . scarriest thing ever!! He walked up the bleacher to talk to some older gal who had apparently looked interesting to him.

  5. I told a few friends who are waiting to set up a Flickr account and upload your pictures. You need to have one to put your pictures onto Ravelry. I also second what Mea said about yarn type, etc., pattern names and designers also.

    Enjoy it, it is fun. You can spend hours just exploring all the groups, patterns, people, etc. once as you get on.

  6. Hey, even yours truly knits her tsocks one tstitch at a time. (And every tstitch I worked today is getting frogged tomorrow, so don’t be too sure about that “five minutes” thing.)

  7. It bugs me too. Terribly. You put it very well.

  8. You’ll be in Ravelry in about a week I tell you! Are you keeping up with the news? Yes – flickr! Get you account set up and some pictures in there. Once they are there, it’s easy peasy. I use that for my blog pics now too.

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