We interrupt this message for a bulletin from chocolate HQ

Lately this blog has been mostly about the move, sometimes about the knitting, and only rarely about the chocolate.

That is all about to change. Just yesterday I received an urgent message from Chocolate Headquarters. It was disguised as spam but I caught it in time before it was discarded by the spam filter (whew!).

Much of the sites that you will locate dealing with this matter are very knowledgeable, while many aren’t.

The message is clear — you must trust your own judgment when it comes to assessing chocolate. I have tried a few bars of new-for-me chocolate, with varying amounts of cacao, and interesting spice combinations. I think it’s a Hershey product but I will have to keep the packaging next time so I can share it with you.

The only bad thing about it, is it makes Special Dark seem like milk chocolate. Which is not what I intended.

Knitwise, I finished the baby-tsock gusset and now just have to knit around 10-11 rows before starting the toe. I also completed a repeat on the Irish Hiking Scarf that I had begun a few days ago, continued later, and, well, you know. So I didn’t get to the intarsia before Craig Ferguson was done. And that’s just too darn late. So tonight I plan to get to the baby-tsock toe, do another IHS repeat (a full one this time) and start writing with string again. I really think this will go better this time, since instead of trying to do mosaic knitting I will be doing something closer to fair isle (I don’t know why I’m calling it intarsia except it doesn’t go all the way around).

That explanation is as clear as snarled alpaca, I see. But it’s progress just the same.

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  1. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping – it seems to have passed, which is good, but I have to admit I really, really miss TV’s Craig Ferguson. 🙂

    Your first effort at writing with string looks like it turned out fine – can’t wait to see the next one! What are you writing?

  2. […] We interrupt this message for a bulletin from <b>chocolate</b> HQ […]

  3. The new Hershey’s Cacoa..maybe called “Reserves” Cacoa Reserves? With hazelnut, mmmm. I don’t know. It’s so good.

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