Thursdays are for trips to the hardware store

So when Colleen turned to me last night, said, “Mama, what does this do?” and showed me the stretched-out spring that controls the bobbin tension on Maggie, my spinning plans for last night went out the window.

Instead, I watched a video on spinning (insomniacs take note), watched Top Chef, and wound up the alpaca yarn. Which took a lot less time than the two days it took to tangle and untangle it. It made an extremely tiny but soft ball. I want to make a hat out of it but don’t know the exact design I want to use yet. And I got to see my replacement Lantern Moon needles, sent out because the tips of the first set became discolored. Thank you Iris!

Today I need to get some Maggie supplies from the local hardware store: 30-weight oil, replacement tension springs (hey, maybe I should get more than one), that kind of stuff. Do any more experienced spinners have any suggestions for what I should keep on hand? Because Maggie was (ahem) pre-owned, I don’t have the Ashford maintenance kit. Perhaps I should try to score one of those… but my thrifty cheap side says, the hardware store will have everything you need. They just don’t know it.

I worked on Tyrone last night too. Got those sleeves sorted out. One had 39 stitches and the other had 43. It didn’t end up being as hard to even out as I had imagined. It was one of those things that was a little easier to see once it was all laid out on the [child-free] floor. And it sort of made sense, how to knit the sleeves on, but it was really difficult to do, in a way that makes me wonder if I have horribly fouled things up. It’s nearly impossible to get the needle tips in the right position for knitting. I think I will need to slip a second circ in there to do the raglan decreases. At this point I’m actually looking forward to backing it off onto dpn’s. Really lonnnnnng dpn’s.

Oh yeah, my stitch count doesn’t match up with Ann Budd’s, either. I wonder who’s right?

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  1. Hey there, if it’s any help, my wheel came with:

    extra tension spring (2)
    fishing line (for the tension knob)
    extra drive band
    extra cup hooks
    allen wrench

    Good luck!

  2. Well, Ann Budd wasn’t there to count *your* stitches and I am sure that you know how to count…

  3. Oh dear. Kind of a one step forward, two steps back day, wasn’t it?

  4. I don’t use the spring on my ashford wheels, I had small children once, too. A rubber band, doubled, works well for me. I think it provides a more fine control than the spring. TM

  5. Does this address help?

  6. Did you enjoy the gaped mouths of the men at the hardware store when you asked them for a spring for your spinning wheel?

    I like Michelle’s rubber band idea myself. And when your kids misbehave especially, you can pull it off and shoot it at them! (Not that you or I would ever do that, but I can dream, can’t I?)

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