Sympathy for the Harlot

It was like a fatal yarn storm. Here I was, just coming off a wool fest in my own backyard, and then the Harlot’s sock recipe episode was rerun on Knitty Gritty (which of course was when everyone called me and the kids melted down and Jack amused himself by pulling tape out of audio cassettes), and late at night I read the Harlot’s sad tale of being unable to use her credit card to buy yarn at a knitting fest.

I had my first Harlot dream last night! We were both at some big yarny event, and I was just going on and on about how wonderful she was to some other participant. Then finally I admitted that I had only just met her in person that day. (The other woman gave me a funny look.) Then I admitted I had only introduced myself to her just as “Beth,” not my real name, so she didn’t really know who I was.

She probably drifted away before I explained what I meant, or woke up. Muggle.

In other Harlot news, there were Brandy and I at the fest on Saturday, and she happened to mention she got a package she hadn’t been expecting. One of the things inside it was a pink hat. It took me way too long before I realized what she was talking about, and replied, “Oh, yeah, I cast on for that hat.” And mailed the box and everything in it.

That means the HOT box has gotten halfway across Wisconsin. Cathy, you’re next!

Spinwise, everyone was in bed and I thought I would give spinning a try. I knew the first few times would be frustrating, so I made myself ready for it and stayed patient. It turns out that that monofilament and spring and those funny hooks are what I need to create bobbin tension so the yarn will, uh, wind on as I make it. My spinning books didn’t help at all with that, but I had a PDF from Ashford of how to assemble the wheel, and it showed me what to do.

By the time I got to that point it was quite late, and I discovered I would need a much longer leader to help me get started. I would start treadling, and zoom! the leader would disappear through the orifice. I will try again tomorrow night using some Merino cross roving that Lauren sent me ages ago when she only had faint hopes of enabling me all the way to a spinning wheel. Little did she know…. or, more accurately, little did I know.

My mother just found out yesterday that I have a spinning wheel. Hi, Mom! I told you that you should read my blog!

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  1. Yay!
    I wondered what happened to the box….

  2. “Hi Mom” – cute.

  3. Get ready! The spinning thing is TOTALLY addictive! I have two skeins spun up already and I only started Saturday night late. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

  4. Hee – I was just thinking about the HOT box the other day and wondering where it might have got to. (For half a moment when I read this I got pronouns and antecedents mixed up and thought you’d said it was the Harlot who had received an unexpected package with a pink hat.)

    I think you’re very brave to be embarking on this spinning rabbit hole all by yourself. But one of these days you’d probably better drop a note to Jennifer to get the lowdown on her sheep-farming experience…. It ain’t for the faint of heart. Not to suggest for a second that you are faint of heart or of anything else. Still, it’s a hell of an undertaking.

  5. It really does go “woosh” and disappear, leaving you empty-handed, wondering – what just happened. I have done that many, many times.

  6. I have read many times on the Spinning list that the best way to get a feel for spinning is to take a skein of cheap acrylic yarn and “spin” it. That way you get the treadling down without worrying about drafting the fiber, and you can play with how much you can hold back the yarn from feeding onto the bobbin at different tensions. I think I would have saved myself a lot of frustrations at the beginning, lo those many months ago, if I had done this, but no one told me about it when I was first starting.

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